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Cherry Luna's Genre Bender Has Arrived

The fresh new album from Pop artist Cherry Luna showcases a fresh and different take on pop music utilizing R&B and indie-pop to make something that feels and sounds like you may have heard it somewhere but just can't put your finger on it.

With a colorful set of sonic sounds and a hell of a set of pipes, Cherry breaks down walls and goes her own way with style. The record is completely huge and does take you on a bit of a musical (and personal) journey and does so with raw energy and vibrant tones.

This is a pop record. It also teeters on a more classic alternative sound and has a magical way of sticking out like a sore a good way.

You can get up and dance, you can kick back and soak it in, but either way its avant-garde approach and Cherry's character on these songs bring it all to life.

The album is called Machismo and we're sure there are several songs you'll be adding to your playlists once you dig in. 


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