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Cherry Starts a Wildfire With, "Bring It Here"

Hailing from Chi-Town, IL, the powerhouse rapper, hip-hop artist, and songwriter Cherry releases a scorching hot flame with her latest thrilling single, "Bring It Here."

Discovered at the mere age of nine for her talented writing abilities and lyrical flow, Cherry later worked as an actress and playwright. After rediscovering music's freedom, Cherry released her critically-acclaimed single, "Clout," while currently gearing up to release, 'The Tip Out' EP later this July.

Sending us back into the heated nightclubs with her recent hit, "Bring It Here," listeners can catch Cherry in her element, dominating the contemporary hip-hop scene while proving herself as a force to be reckoned with. Not to mention her natural mastery of rhythmic flow, Cherry's latest single truly isn't something to miss out on.

Diving into "Bring It Here," the track begins with a sweet and plucky keyboard melody that drops into an authoritative and dominant trap beat. Once Cherry makes her powerful vocal appearance, she instantly reminds us of influential and game-changing acts like Megan Thee Stallion, especially as she drenches us in lust and sensuality through her descriptive bars.

We adore how the scorching sonics complement Cherry's dominant flow, as it leaves us practicing our dancing skills to get back in the clubs as soon as we can. As Cherry continues pouring her rhythmic and descriptive bars over our speakers, she leaves us in a trance while wowing us with each dominant tone and flair she naturally exudes. If there's one thing for sure, it's that we never wanted this song to end.

Get up and moving with help from Cherry's latest banger, "Bring It Here," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Cherry. We're nothing but pleased with the outcome of your flaming hot single, "Bring It Here." What inspired you to create this club-like banger?

All of my music is pretty much club bangers. My inspiration is usually drawn from a powerhouse of unapologetic women in the industry that aren’t afraid to make the music and write the lyrics that used to be taboo.

Who produced your single, "Bring It Here?" What sort of vibe or atmosphere did you want to capture through the song's sonics?

Mymamanamedmeevan produced the Soulja Boy-inspired single. I’ve worked with him previously. I love his high rhythm melodic club music. The vibe I wanted to catch was carefree twerk music. Something that has to ability to lighten the mood anywhere you play it.

You've truly demonstrated a rare mastery of rhythmic and dominant lyric writing/delivery. How did you want your bars within "Bring It Here" to make listeners feel?

The bars in “Bring It Here” don’t really differ from anything I’ve recorded so far. I enjoy being the artist who’s lyrics you can’t predict. I wanna set myself apart so my listeners can always wonder what I’ll say next.

Should we anticipate more club-esque and energetic tracks like "Bring It Here" on your forthcoming EP?

This will be my first body of work as “Cherry”, so the entire project I’m aiming for energetic tracks that flow into one another. A project with no skips. It’ll include a couple of other singles I’ve released such as the high-streaming “Clout” and “Troublesome (feat. Ray Champion) produced by SoundTrackGeniuz. That’s the goal for this EP.



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