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Chewy Mane Releases His Single "Benjamin Stax"

Chewy Mane is an artist like no other. With a fully charged blend of street integrity, and radio instinct, Chewy Mane delivers an electrified experience with music that transcends his two decades of street survival. Lyrics that are forged in fires of survival, with instinctive visions framed by positive attitudes, alongside arena-sized hooks, Chewy Mane has the keys to his rising appeal.

Chewy Mane released his single titled “Benjamin Stax” and it was unpredicted, this is what this generation NEEDS today! A fun, charismatic single that doesn’t provoke any negative substance in the lyrics. Instead, it showcases his love for money and his need to attain it. I mean, we all love the benjamin stacks that he’s singing about in the hook, am i right? The melodies doesn’t develop throughout the song, but remains consistent, making for a more thorough production. I loved the hook more than anything, It had me dancing along with the electrifying rhythm of the beat. “Benjamin Stax” had personality and energetic charisma. Its vibrance exudes to the listener's current mood, letting a sense of ease on your feelings. The accomplished record is accessible to all ages and digestible for any lovers of hip-hop. The verses were perfectly arranged, and couldn’t be any more appealing. Chewy Mane has a witty way of lyrically spitting. All in all, Benjamin Stax was a colorful rap hit with a rhythmic groove that we love!

Listen to “Benjamin Stax” here and get to know more about Chewy Mane below!

Do you have any music influences? If so who and why!?

Trick Daddy -Twista/Do or Die -2pac -Michael Jackson -Luther Vandross 

How has your background and upbringing impact your songwriting?

Single parent family ,Fatherless dad. Mother of 2 who worked 2-3 jobs to support my sister and I . Raised with respect and in the church as a kid it was a major part of my childhood . Grew up where not to many people make it (Clearwater Fl- Tarpon Springs Fl).

Tell us about “Benjamin Stax”, what was the motive for this record!?

The motive for Benjamin stax was a mixture of old school 80s /90s feel and the new school “ positive vibe. The Happy music to dance too that makes u wanna cut a rug. I Grew up having less than so money has always changed situations where I’m from and or made you feel more alive than ever . Nothing like counting some Benjamin’s you’ve worked hard to earn. 

What legacy do you plan to leave on your fans?

Help rebuild my community where I was born and raised. Be more of a role model for the younger youth so we can change the cycle. Be the face of someone people remember who wanted to be better than . Striving for excellence without dependency . How to Become independent and self Sufficient

What’s next for you Chewy?

Tv series soon with Amazon Prime & Movie Soundtrack placement . New Single (Party Like The Old Days) Apple Music and all Platforms WorldWide. New Ep Album & Video . New Shoe Apparel (COLORZ). New T-shirt merch (COLORZ). Hosting a (Put the Guns Down / Pick up a water gun or nerf gun) event for the kids. 


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