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Chewy Mane Reminds us to Take the High Road with “Big Mad”

Chewy Mane gives his fans authentic music that has been built from decades of struggle. He spent most of his life on the streets enduring gangs and poverty, all the while using music as an outlet to rise above. Somehow, Chewy Mane has have been an inspiration for many by showing us that he came out on top. He now uses his years of real-life experiences and hardship as a way to connect with and motivate his audiences to appreciate the lives they have, and to always remain positive. Chewy Mane has been said to blend “street integrity with radio instinct,” and with his new release “Big Mad” he surely does.

Big Mad” is Chewy Mane’s reminder that real happiness comes from taking the higher road. He takes advantage of his ability to communicate with many audiences and uses lyricism to spread positivity to his fans and share advice through real experiences. The chill, trap-style beat of “Big Mad” is paired with a keyboard beat similar to B.o.B songs; this brings a refreshing blues vibe to his songs. Chewy Mane also includes vocal trills that seem to echo in the background. His deep and throaty rapping voice adds strength to his lyrics. Chewy Mane sings about not making judgments of others too seriously to remain focused on himself. He includes phrases like “never been a hater” and “when I get mad I just sit back.” He also sings about hardships that he has experienced, and how he reacted to those without getting “big mad.” Audiences will be able to relate to having regular struggles and feel motivated to focus more on their reactions to life’s problems. As an artist, you can connect with many different people through music, and Chewy Mane takes advantage of this opportunity by spreading positivity through his songs.

Listen to "Big Mad" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chewy Mane! Both your songs and your story are truly inspiring to all of us here! We are sure you are commonly asked this question, but could you elaborate on how your experiences have shaped you to become the artist you are today?

Not confessing to being perfect or better than anyone. I've dealt with a lot of trial and error in my life from single-parent family, incarceration and health issues I've dealt with since a toddler. Growing up in the lower poverty areas where not many make it out or achieve many goals gave me the drive to not be a statistic and change the cycle for the younger generation for the better. I've always wanted more out of life so my intentions are to show anyone if you believe you can achieve with motivation and a vision.

Your songs are inspiring and motivational for your fans. Is there a direct subset of the audience that you are writing your songs to? What is the message you are trying to send?

The audience I target in my music is for people who ever been counted out, wanted to just be excepted, lost or no hope. also to spread and share my story letting my fans know I also go through the same reality situations. Never give up and show improve never minimizing the issues at hand. be an example and live life with self morals and standards. No matter how hard it gets apply pressure and press thru positively.

Your song “Big Mad” is the first track on your new EP “Gumbo (It’s Enuff for Everybody).” Can you tell us a bit about the other songs on this EP? Do they all have a similarly positive message?

My EP ( GUMBO ) consists of tracks that have a positive happy vibe. celebrating life and continuing to be the best I can be. My lyrics consistently speak on improvements and live your life to the maximum with no regrets. songs on the ep album (Gumbo) relate to my childhood and movies and tv shows I watched as a kid growing up. old school music grew on me as a kid so my sound gives the energetic and new school old school all in one. a sound of its own.

We noticed that “Big Mad” included subtle aspects of blues and jazz in the background with a piano. It is clear that you have a natural ear for music, are there any specific artists or groups that have inspired your music over the years? If so, how do they impact your music?

I've always had an ear for music my entire life. inspiring artists and musicians such as Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Usher, Silk, Avant and rap artist such as Twista, Do or Die and trick daddy . and new artists like KIDDO MARV, MAJOR NINE from Miami Florida. just to name a few. the music I listen to growing has impacted me in so many ways. be me and create my own sound to my standards.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020?

Upcoming project names like ( MOP DA FLO ) (new Single) 4/20/20. Also another single (SUMMERTIME FINE) releasing the end of MAY. TV Placement for my song YOU CAN on Hollywood Sync LA will be airing this year. Tv placement for a couple of other records will be on Michael Coylars (SHOW BOATS HOUSE PARTY) movie this year. Full Album will be in stores at the end of this year 2020. I will also be featuring on my artist Kang Neileo's New Single STUNT on 4/40/20. Music Video will be airing this Summer 2020.



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