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Cheyenne Indie Music Scene Is On the Rise With Indie Artist, nowah

Noah Kinney is an up-and-coming artist making a name for himself in the indie music scene. Hailing from Cheyenne, Wyoming, nowah is working to create a new music scene in his town by playing shows at local coffee houses, bars, and even the town's downtown plaza.

nowah's dedication to his art is evident in his songwriting. The lyrics of "Feelin' Lovely" are about the feeling of love and happiness. The song is in the indie genre and has a light, happy feeling to it. The lyrics are simple and light with a matching atmospheric feel, effectively conveying the emotions of the singer. A feel-good tune to carry you through your day,

nowah first picked up the guitar at 12 years old after his close friend and bandmate Harrison showed him a few basic chords. He immediately grabbed his dad's old Jackson and started to learn alongside him. A few years later, he got into production with Garageband. Recording one-track demos and trying his heart out to program drums, nowah had no knowledge of theory or even what a time signature was.

nowah is an artist to watch out for. With his innovative approach to music and his dedication to creating a new music scene, nowah is sure to generate a strong local following. With the obvious talent he possesses, we look forward to seeing him at the forefront of the world stage.

Welcome to Buzz Music, nowah; we are always excited to hear about people breaking trends and being unafraid to stand out. What is a piece of advice you would give to someone who is having difficulty starting or taking their first step in claiming their place in history?

Thank You! The only piece of advice I could give is that it would hurt you more to not explore your passion than it would the world.

What does Indie mean to you? Why has this genre called you?

Indie to me is multiple things. It can simply be independently done, DIY, or the bedroom pop, the lofi-sounding genre it is. Personally, I think indie means putting effort into something that you're truly passionate about. I think the world understates how truly special it is for someone to try to do what mass corporations do by themselves. The indie genre called me because I really enjoy simple-sounding music. "Boots and Cats" type drum beats, simple repeating guitar, piano, and bass loops. It's all very appealing to me, you can really do anything with those given categories, and It's fun to explore.

Having visited Cheyenne last week, I have a feeling that your uplifting and love-filled art is needed. What effect has your music had on your immediate community?

I think it has sort of opened up the scene a little bit. There are multiple locally owned businesses that know my name, who I am, and what I do. I also believe it has helped people in the community come out of their shells and start to explore their musical passions. I think the local band "The Athletics" and I are sort of paving the way for non-country Cheyenne artists to start doing their own thing.

We love your music; we also know that art has the power to inspire artists. Have you explored alternative forms of art? What is your creative process like?

I have always been into doodling and drawing. I have a very specific aesthetic of art that appeals to my eye, and I love to recreate it any way I can. I've also recently been dabbling a tad in photography, and I have small dreams of being involved in videography. My friend Harrison and I have always had this little idea for a tv show/movie that we'd love to pursue someday. In terms of the creative process, I typically record everything as I write it. I find inspiration in everything, mostly other artists, as I am definitely influenced greatly by my music taste. Lyrical inspiration comes from everything in life itself. However, most of my songs are about situations with people in my life as they come and go. I find writing about situations in this way can be an amazing coping mechanism.

What's next for you?

"wait" will be the last album for the "nowah" project for a while. That is to say If I won't get bored in life and start another. Next, however, is the new band "Melon Dog", including me and my longtime friend Harrison Blakely. We are working on our debut MD project called "Fever", which will be dabbling in the oncoming wave of indie/emo music, so definitely keep a look out for that! As for after the release of this upcoming album, I will probably venture back into hiding to continue working on/perfecting the MD project and learn more about

art and creativity as a whole.


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