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Cheyenne Elliott Is All That And More In, "Crash"

Fitting the true definition of R&B royalty, Cheyenne Elliott's ties to the music industry are rather extensive. Her grandmother is Dionne Warwick, and her cousin is the late Whitney Houston; even her father, David Elliott, is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter who co-wrote Luther Vandross' Grammy Award-winning hit, 'Here and Now.'

Making her debut stage appearance at 9-years-old in front of a crowd of 10,000 fans at a Coney Island summer concert series, it has only continued to skyrocket for the budding artist.

Returning with her most recent single, "Crash," we get to experience an acoustically charged modern-day single that tours us through the power of a lost romance. Coming to our speakers and screens with the sonic and visual pairing for this record, we immediately feel the intimacy cast upon us in a glorious way. The angelic timbres of Cheyenne Elliott take our minds to a vulnerable state of exploration as we're coerced into visiting memories of the past.

Cradling our souls as she professes hers in a way that takes over the screen in the cinematic feature speaks to how this heartfelt power ballad dominates the sentiments we feel. Allowing us to embrace the wandering thoughts of our mind, Cheyenne Elliott has us hanging onto vivid imagery that accompanies the musical foundation in a triumphant manner. Seeing her thrive in the scenery where the visuals were filmed, the creative essence of each shot showcases Cheyenne Elliott in triumphant light.

Leaving it all on the table as her liberation bears deja vu from a previous relationship, we feast on the tale of being remembered and cherished through themes of adoration.


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