Chi Tashi Hits Us With the “Re-Up” With Smashing New Single

From Lowell, MA today we are given the gift of incredible Hip Hop delivery from the amazing Chi Tashi and his new song “Re-Up”. This Hip Hop anthem is known as “Re-Up” hits hard from the song starts, until the end of the song. Starting off, the song opens up with a trap-esq sort of synth that then explodes with powerful vocals. Musically, the synth and beat feel like trap influenced Hip Hop with a hint of Grime. Which is a nice touch for an artist from Northeastern America! Vocally, the performance is reminiscent of Drake and somewhere in the middle of 21 Savage, in the best way possible. Lyrically, the song is about the everyday hustle and grind for this 30-year-old rapper who has transitioned into Fatherhood. The song overall is unique and refreshing, allowing the ears to sit with this and not feel like it’s something you have heard many times before. By the time the song ends, you want more as the song closes in at 2:20. Luckily, there is plenty more of where this track came from! 

Be sure to keep up to date with Chi Tashi, as we honestly expect much more greatness from this incredible rapper. Re-Up is a song for the times and we are sure that he will continue to re-up with more amazing songs to come!

Listen to "Re-Up" here.


Hey Chi Tashi and welcome back to BuzzMusic! 2019 has been a big year for you. Can you tell us what was the overall highlight of your year? The recognition, I'll be lying if I didn't say being featured on platforms I respected wasn't gratifying. The release of Nice Things was a highlight for me as well, it's been the biggest song I've released to date. When I recorded it I felt it had the potential to be "something" but it really exceeded my own expectations.

We loved your song "Re-Up". What inspired the creation of it? The fact that I haven't released a song since May with Nice Things lol. Robotnik sent over the beat, I loved it, wrote to it that day and recorded that night. I wanted something out there, let people hear some new sounds. This song is VERY different from the album.

"Re-Up" showcases your lyrical ability flawlessly. Can you tell us about your writing style and method? I consider my writing style to be direct and have a lot of imagery. I write scripts, I enjoy tv and reading. My favorite authors, screenplay writes, songwriters are able to evoke emotion while putting a vivid image in the audience's head. I look to paint a picture with words, have the listeners experience what I'm experiencing within that song. Beyond that, I've been working on new flows, key. We hear a few different musical influences in this song. Which artist has inspired you the most? I would say this year a big inspiration has been Tyler, I think the Igor album is pretty much flawless. You can tell with this project he mastered his artistry. The attention to detail from the samples and especially with the word choices, I thought he was able to say a lot in limited spaces with his specificity, a technique I applied to this song. I have been playing with different melodies and song structures too, Re-Up really turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. Shouts to Robotnik for the waves. What's next for Chi-Tashi in as we go into 2020? Got my album coming out the first quarter of the year, been working on it for some time now and I'm amped to get it out! More videos, more shows, another project for sure just overall continue to level up the in every facet of my craft and be consistent with it.