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Chiara King Spices Things Up In "Dancing With Me"

Born and raised in London, Chiara King is a British pop singer/songwriter that has been

singing since she was young and released her first single at the age of 19. Her biggest

inspiration is Latin and Urban Pop artists. Recently, Chiara has been blowing up on social

media and even opened a show for Jason Derulo.

Her song titled, “Dancing With Me” also has a music video that just released on

Youtube. It is an upbeat dance song that incorporates a Spanish feature and has stunning

visuals. The song is very rhythmic based yet has a pop sound to it as well. The track is very

catchy and will be an earworm and get you dancing while you’re at it. The music video is fun

and visually appealing with the use of colors and effects. With both the visuals and Chiara’s fun

unique vocals, King is the full package for her listeners. We see a playful and bright side of

Chiara that will leave you in anticipation for her next single to drop. Similar to the upbeat and

latin based music of Camila Cabello, Chiara is sure to hit the charts with her charismatic nature

and appeal.

Take a minute to check out Chiara King's recent song "Dancing With Me" on Spotify, and take a second minute to check out the artist's exclusive interview blow (she'll let you in on working with Derulo and the creation process of "Dancing With Me"!

Hi Chiara, can you tell our readers a little about yourself and how you choose music as your career?

Since I can remember I have always loved performing dancing, singing and acting, from nursery through school doing musicals and singing in the chapel choir. Having taken a year out before university I questioned what I really wanted in my life and last year I realized

that I don’t just want to follow the typical path of university and getting a job in the city. My passion has always been singing and I decided that this is it. I love making good music with a strong beat

and I want to make people feel happy and MOVE!

What was it like opening up for Jason Derulo? What a cool experience!

It was pretty surreal! Especially it being my first performance debuting my single, I was so scared! Shortly after I released my song on Spotify, my manager got an email from the production team

asking if I wanted to perform live in about 10 days. They didn’t mention who else was performing. I am always up for a challenge so I said” why not”. Very last minute I found back up dancers and we put a choreographed dance together. I was originally scheduled to perform as the first act, but after the production team saw our rehearsal, I was moved forward and we were told: “you can’t have the green dressing room because that is the one Jason Derulo is using. You are singing right before him.” That was a “no pressure” moment! It ended up being such a great experience and totally unexpected.

What was your favorite part about filming your music video?

I loved filming the bath scene although because we had to make the bath milky I smelt like off milk afterward…Gotta sacrifice it for the shot. I also loved filming in the cinema it was so much fun playing around with Mike my co star and eating too much popcorn.Filming itself was a challenge as Mike came all the way from New York City just for the 3 days of shooting and Remo lives in Venezuela. He was filming his part of the video there. When we had everything booked and under control, I got a part in a feature film and I really wanted to do this, the only problem was that filming was scheduled during the music video, so we had to find a solution. I was basically on film set during the day and filming dancing with me music video evenings and nights, for the 3 nights Mike was in London. I hope I don’t look too tired in it haha.

What was the creation process like with "Dancing With Me"?

I wrote “dancing with me” together with Soy Remo, an incredibly talented artist and rapper in Venezuela, we even share the same birthday aha. It was originally something we wanted to try and play around with the beat, but ended up being the song we both liked. Working with Remo and Juan who is the producer of the song was a great experience. It was not easy as Venezuela is having many difficulties and political instability, but this song proves that

everything is possible even with all the obstacles we had to overcome. I hope to work with them again and I developed great admiration for the people of Venezuela. They never give up! Fuerza


What was the visual concept you wanted to achieve in your music video?

As we couldn’t film the video together with Remo, we thought putting him on the cinema screen could also work. The video itself is just a dream and everything is mixed up when in the end I fall back asleep. I still keep dreaming about having a perfect date one day…

What is your favourite lyric from “Dancing with me?”   

My favourite lyric is probably: “baby boy I know you feel the vibe, I like you there’s no need to be shy”. I wrote those lyrics when I liked a boy at the time but it was difficult for him to open up. Typical boys haha. The lyrics were words of encouragement to him. I also like the part in Spanish as I love reggeaton and latin music. I think Remo is so talented and I can’t wait for his single “Sata” to come out really soon.


Connect with Chiara through her Instagram!


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