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Chiara King Wants You To “Turn It Up” With Her New Summer Sizzle

Chiara King is a 20 year old British singer/songwriter, based in London. Her artistic style is the perfect combination of sassiness and elegance which is portrayed in her debut single, “Dancing With Me”. The track was released on Feb 2019, commencing the start of Chiara's professional career. Heavily interested in music from a young age, Chiara is influenced by artists such as Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sans in the Latin world, Anitta and Astrud Gilberto in the Brazilian world and Ariana Grande and Major Lazer in the Pop/dance world. Being trilingual in Portuguese, Spanish and English, she hopes to collaborate and fuse the British pop scene with Brazilian and Latin artists. Her inspirations range from Marc Anthony, Alejandro Sans in the Latin world, Anitta and Astrud Gilberto in the Brazilian world and Ariana Grande and Major Lazer in the Pop/dance world. Having grown up with Latin music at home and British/American pop on the radio in London, Chiara found her niche style and hopes to develop this sound in her upcoming releases. Chiara is a firm believer of the saying, “the world is your oyster” and already has a stream of tracks to be released, all demonstrating themes of romance, having fun and living in the moment! The rising pop sensation hopes to deliver the message to young men and women that life shouldn't be taken too seriously as we do in today's society with societal pressure and unrealistic expectations! 

Chiara King’s latest single titled “Turn It Up” perfectly personifies the overall theme of her music. The urban pop single is all about letting go of drama and focusing on making memories before the night ends. We love the positive energy and diversity in Chiara’s music. “Turn It Up” is a true summer anthem, boasting her versatility and cultural background as an artist. We can’t get enough of the infectious melody and energetic delivery. Chiara King forms unbreakable connections with her listeners and audience through her contagious soundscapes, honest lyrics, and charisma. I highly recommend you check out “Turn It Up” and stay tuned for Chiara King future releases! 

Listen to “Turn It Up” here and read more with Chiara below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chiara King! How did your musically enriched upbringing affect who you are as an artist?

Thank you for having me! Well since a young kid I grew up listening to what my mum listened to which was mostly Latin music and mainstream pop in the early 2000’s; Jenny from the block, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Pink, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias!

How do you draw inspiration from your diverse musical influences?

I have been influenced by Latin music and pop music from a young age, I loved Ariana Grande even before she started her singing career, I always wanted to be Cat From Victorious on Nickelodeon! I love Pop and Latin music because of the way it makes me feel. I love to dance and Pop, dance and Latin music always gets me on my feet! 

What’s the meaning behind the lyrics in “Turn It Up”?

Turn it up is the epitome of the summer, salty beach hair, parties, summer romances and no responsibility! That feeling of freedom, I wanted to exude in “Turn it up”. As said ‘I don’t do bad vibes or drama’, it’s true! I really don’t and especially in the summer time! No one has time for negativity when the summer is all about good vibes, happiness, young crazy summer romances and being with friends.

What emotions did you channel when writing this song?

I wanted to channel what my summers are like and what most peoples summers are like as I wanted the song to be relatable to my audience. I also wanted other people to feel the heat even if they haven’t gotten the chance to go on holiday in the summer. I wanted to push the emotions of love, attraction and being free; free of problems, responsibility and stress! 

What’s next for you?

I will be releasing more music towards the end of the year including another music video...maybe ;) Im really excited to release my next tracks because i feel like with every song I release I mature as a person along with my music, my next track i really love and I cannot wait for you to hear it too in the coming months! I’m also performing on the 26th August at The Islington, I’m pretty pumped about that so hopefully will see some of you there!


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