Chicago-Based Hip-Hop Artists Spitgod J and Scubba Stve Team Up On “Cool Aid”

Hailing from the east side of Chicago, Spitgod J and Scubba Stve are underground hip-hop artists bringing a new sound to the music scene in their hometown. Making music together since 2014 the duo flawlessly incorporates a raw lo-fi sound to their harmonistic tracks. 

Teaming up yet again, Spitgod J and Scubba Stve dropped a track titled “Cool Aid” and we’re hooked. That word addictive works well to describe this harmonically-rich song. “Cool Aid” teeters on the edge of R&B, hip-hop, and trap. The experience leaves a definitive mark on listeners that find a way to relate to the vulnerability and realness in the lyrics.  You head back to trace these bars along with a little more detail, to try to bridge that gap between the calm, spoken word and the soulful, anthem-like hook melody. Conceptually there are different ideas at work, but for the most part, you get an energetic aura of perseverance, drive, and motivation. For those looking for something different right now, to inspire and enthuse them, “Cool Aid” could be the one. Individually each artist has something special to offer, and as a duo, they create thoughtful and genuine tracks that leave the listener craving more! 

Listen to “Cool Aid” here and read more with Spitgod J and Scubba Stve in our interview below! 

Hey Spitgod J and Scubba Stve! How long have you been making original music?

We have been making original music together since 2014.

In what ways would you say your sound or style has evolved over time?

In the beginning all of our music was smoking/weed themed you know like on some wiz khalifa/ currency shit. over time we began to dig a little deeper letting the listener in on how life's going and how we feel about what's happening around us.

What does the song “Cool Aid” represent for you, and what do you hope people take away from it?

What the song Cool-Aid represents for us is "truth" meaning everything that we say or preach to the listener we live and believe in whole heartedly so this is definitely some cool aid you can sip on its ok cause its pure.

Is live performance an important part of what you do, or of your plans?

Yes we'd definitely like to perform more.

How has 2019 been so far for you? What’s next?

2019 so far has been somewhat of a rebuilding faze for us. As gas as what's next for us... I'd like to release music more constantly make more diehard fans and continue to strive and prosper.


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