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Chicago’s Own D’So Nyce Releases Hot New Track “Bank Flow”

From Cal City, Chicago, D’So Nyce has just released a new hip hop single “Bank Flow.” Growing up, he always expected a future in one of his two passions; either sports or music. In 2012 he ended up forming a music group with classmates, and he discovered his musical path. He then founded his solo persona D’So Nyce in 2016 and has been creating original music ever since. His new single “Bank Flow” is a lively hip hop track that gives fans a taste of his heat. Kicking off with an 808 trap beat, D’So Nyce lets fans know exactly what they can expect from the rest of “Bank Flow.”

He first introduces his original rapping style with numerous ad-libs at the beginning of the song. D’So Nyce’s raps are authentic and unedited as he maintains his fiery intensity with every verse. Consistently throughout “Bank Flow,” he keeps the energy level high - both musically and lyrically. D’So Nyce uses his songwriting to remind fans that happiness comes from within. The chorus includes the phrase “nobody loves you while you living,” and he goes on to explain that it should come from within. D’So Nyce has a natural talent to make his complex verses sound effortless. With “Bank Flow’s” catchy melodies and dynamic verses, D’So Nyce is making a name for himself as a refreshing addition to the hip hop world.

You can find "Bank Flow" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic D’So Nyce! With your new release “Bank Flow,” you really show fans your intrinsic rapping talent. Can you tell us about how you discovered your passion for music and chose to become an artist?

It all started back in 09 in college I went to my first drake concert & seen the effect the vibe did to everybody and always said I want to have that one day.

Are there any artists that you look up to for musical inspiration? If so, how do they influence your personal sound?

I grew up on Wayne, T.i Gucci & Jeezy so I’ve always had an ear for down south music. Think that’s what helped evolve my sound.

What is the meaning behind your lyrics in “Bank Flow”?

Really two things. I listened to Bankroll Fresh a lot before he passed that’s meaning behind the title, but the actual lyrics are what’s going to getting me paid and secure in life. So instead of a steady cash flow I called it bank flow. 

You created a music group with former classmates in 2012 and decided that a musical career is for you. Can you tell us about this experience and how it helped you choose to pursue a career as an artist?

We did a lot of shows and shows from 2012 -2015 with all in house production and recording so everything was just a test and showing me how the music industry works in my city. Just seeing the love with got being not the norm coming out the city was great and wanted to take that same formula and apply to my independent side. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

My Single Uncaged which is out will be the next video shot & released in June. I’m currently working on An EP called Smooth Operator will look to get that out by Fall 2020. But until then just more videos and promoting until quarantine allows performing again.


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