Chicago Talent Brandon Pisano Amazes with the Creative and Heart-Rendering Single “Happened To Be U"

Brandon Pisano is an independent artist hailing all the way from Chicago, Illinois. His creativity and talent derive from the discovery of his passion for performing while he attended high school. We took a listen to Brandon Pisano’s single “Happened to be U” and the song immediately captured our attention. It began with a strong melodic introduction from the piano and a striking vocal tone that sent chills up our spine. The song becomes lightly rhythmic with these interesting sound effects on the production, that paints a unique aesthetic for the song. “Happened to be U” continued to surprise us, with a transition at each and every corner. Instead of sticking to one formula, Brandon Pisano tackles multiple in this song, and the result was highly captivating. Brandon Pisano introduced a new element in each transition, instead of carrying on a dull amount of frequencies in this single. Brandon Pisano’s unique creative outlook on music helps his songs transcend into a more memorable experience for his listeners. You can get stuck listening to “Happened to be U”, but you won't find yourself focused on just one arrangement. There are multiple pieces that smoothly manufactures this amazing hit. “Happened to be U” was a spotless masterpiece, and Brandon Pisano could be the Brandon Picasso of music! Listen to "Happened to be U" here.

Hey Brandon Pisano, Welcome to BuzzMusic! How was it like growing up in Chicago? In what ways has your upbringing in performing arts influenced your music today?

I was actually raised in Chicago suburb, Streamwood, IL. Currently, I live in Chicago. I grew up playing sports in little leagues as a child. I discovered my passion for the performing arts in the middle school choir where I sang in front of people for the very first time. In high school, I began my journey to the theatre. When I took my first steps on the auditorium stage, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My formative years certainly influence my music today. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to write my own music and tell my stories in song fashion. 

Your single “Happened to be U” had a significant amount of transitions and elements. Mind detailing to us the arrangements to this song and how the creative process behind the production went?

When I brought this song to my producer, Josh McGehee, I expressed that I wrote it to sound and feel like an anthem. Our minds instantly collaborated into making exactly what I wanted, along with an extra flare from Josh. From triumphant chords to the epic drums in the chorus, there are so many instruments we used to execute my vision of what love can feel like. I wanted it to be a song people can sing their hearts out to on full blast. 

What was the main theme behind the lyricism in “Happened to be U”? What inspired you to write this single?

The main theme is your “first love”. We’ve all either had or still have our first love, or we’re dreaming of that person who will one day come into our lives. Earlier this year, I had my first serious relationship and fell in love for the first time in my life. We are no longer together. Shortly after breaking up, I was inspired to write a song about what he means to me, what I learned in our relationship, and how it changed me. I wanted to take this pain I’ve never felt before and turned it into something beautiful. 

Did you stumble upon any unique challenges while making “Happened to be U”? Describe!

With this song being my debut single, it was quite the learning process. Once you have your final product, there are still so many logistical factors that go into releasing your music on all streaming platforms. I am very lucky and grateful to have friends by my side who specialize in the music business and are willing to help me every step the way. 

What can we expect from you in 2020 Brandon Pisano?

In 2020, you can expect my debut EP.