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Chill Out with Broken Keys And Their Single "Distant Mood"

Having been a long-time fixture in Cleveland's electronic and hip hop scenes, Broken Keys has got the touch when sculpting sound waves. And the people know. Not only does Broken Keys perform in Cleveland, but they've had shows across the United States from Honolulu to New York City and Houston to Detroit. Focusing on electronic beats, Broken Keys takes elements from house, hip hop, and psychedelic pop to make cool and airy hits.

"Distant Mood" from Broken Keys' album of the same name is a light, dreamy downtempo tune that will cast all your worries away. The Cleveland-based DJ and producer Broken Keys have blessed BuzzMusic with this track and it truly has got some of the most chill vibes out there. Its mellow beat and breezy synths had us drifting away. The vocals float slowly in and out of the soundscape as Broken Keys stretches note after note with such ease. It's as if we're hearing echoes from another world. It’s a perfect match that cements the wispy tone of “Distant Mood”. We recommend this tune, whether you’re looking to chill out at home or blasting it on your car radio, it’s gonna leave you feeling cool, calm, and collected!

Tune into Broken Keys new song "Distant Mood' here and read our exclusive interview below!

Hey Broken Keys! It's great to have you here at BuzzMusic. We wanna jump right in and ask, how are you able to bring so many sounds together and create the vibe that is "Distant Mood"?

I drew from various genres and styles, but The Beatles were a big inspiration for this album. I took inspirational elements from electronic, rock and hip hop music along the way also. The title track was the first song I made for the album and I felt like I was on to something when I put that one together. The majority of the album was created in the next few days.

What's the most important thing you like to accomplish when producing music?

If it’s something that moves me upon creation, I know I’m on to something. If it makes you feel anything, then I feel accomplished. I’ve also found that if I don’t overthink the process, the results tend to be better in my experience. The more natural the process, the better the outcome.

Does living in Cleveland have any influence on the mood of your music?

I definitely think so. Distant Mood was written during the winter months, which can get pretty dreary in CLE. Although it was cold outside, I was creating these songs thinking about the warmer months that waited ahead. It’s also an incredibly creative city so I certainly draw inspiration from other creatives in the city.

In what other ways do you express your emotions? Whether it be other musical genres or a completely different medium, we'd love to know!

I love to Skateboard. This past summer I spent a lot of my free time skating around Cleveland and various other cities while traveling. I’m also in a Hip Hop duo called Smoke Screen and I produce House/Electronic music as well. It’s honestly great to be able to go to another sound/genre to help keep things fresh.

We appreciate your time Broken Keys! We'd like to ask one last thing, what's next for you artistically?

More music is definitely on the way. I’m really excited about the newer stuff I’ve been working on. I’ve also been making an effort to improve my live set which has been a really fun process with the addition of more live instrumentation. More shows/touring is on the horizon!


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