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Chill Vibes Are Concentrated On Andrew David’s New Hit: Cruise Control

Andrew David is that artist you put on when you’re having a chill out day, when the rain is pouring outside and you’re wrapped up in your duvet; when you’re wondering around in a city soaking in the atmosphere; or when you’re sitting with a loved one just tranquilly content in each other’s company. Andrew David’s new hit ‘Cruise Control’ was made for such occasions, where it’s just you and the world, or you, the world and someone you’re close to.

‘Cruise Control’ opens with a dreamy guitar rift accompanied by ambient piano synths and evolves into a funky guitar jam, with deep plucking base and descriptive lyrics that are sung in a suave and mild manner, together every aspect is cohesive and makes for a steady, fun track.

Andrew David is a new arrival on the scene from Santa Barbara, CA, making a splash in the indie/alternative division. Following his studies of Music Theory and Composition at the University of California, David left with the skills and inspiration to release his debut EP ‘1:37 AM’, every song was written, sung and recorded on his own prowess. The EP is an homage to indie/alt music with hits of jazz and funk scattered throughout. Get your feet wet today and dive into Andrew David's latest track ‘Cruise Control’. Check out the link to stream ‘Cruise Control’ here!

Hi Andrew! Thank you for taking the time to speak to BuzzMusic. Can you start off by telling our readers a bit about yourself and the music you create?

Hi! I'm currently a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying music theory and composition. I've grown up my whole life playing music from the drums, to the clarinet, piano, and even the saxophone. Now, I mainly play guitar, sing, and write new music! I try to create music that I like, rather than genres of music that are just popular right now.

Where do you draw your inspiration from that inspires you to create music?

I draw my inspiration from my own life experiences. Whether I'm just enjoying a nice drive through my hometown or observing people around me, I like to write music about what I see, notice, and feel. Sometimes I struggle to express how I feel with only words but music helps me communicate what I'm feeling. Honestly though, I'm inspired most when it's late at night and I'm feeling anxious about something that happened during the day haha. 

How do you stay involved in the music community to showcase your art and immerse yourself in others?

I stay involved in the music community by always trying to work and collab with new artists. I also do plenty of shows, sometimes with a full band, but also a lot of just solo acoustic sessions at open mics. If I ever see a busker or anyone in the community performing live music, I love to join in and jam if they'll have me!

Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences mainly stem from 80's pop. My parents loved listening to 80's pop so growing up that's all I ever listened to. When I started to make musical decisions on my own, I began to like bands and artists like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, John Mayer, and Mac Demarco. I also learned a lot of jazz growing up so all of these styles/genres influenced my style.

What’s next for you?

I plan to create and release my first full album by the end of the summer of 2019. Hopefully during the process, I also want to do more live shows in new places. It's going to be hard balancing between school, getting ready for live shows, and creating an album, but I'm super excited to continue creating and performing!


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