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Chiller Gang Collaboratively Killed The Rap Game in 2019!

Chiller Gang is a Hip/Hop music group that consists of 6 Members: Ricky T, MC Jeaze, IamL.E.O., Chiller Rob, Chiller Gee & Lil Young $tunna L. Chiller Gang has made great progress since their last feature with us over here at BuzzMusic! The group had recently released a self-titled solo Album "Robichino" by Chiller Rob AKA Robichino, and another solo album "Eyes Low" by member Ricky T. Both albums are available on all platforms. Chiller Gang consistently creates tracks that maintain that easygoing flow and their album releases can easily showcase that.

Chiller Gang had also talked about releasing a group album by the name of "Chiller Season 2" since the first "Chiller Season" was released back in 2016. Well, let’s keep it short and simple! Chiller Gang delivered what was promised to us as their second group album “Chiller Season 2”, which is thankfully out on all platforms, since November 8th of this year. The album has a variety of songs, from the party & hyphy songs, keeping their bay area roots alive to songs that are soulful to keep it real for the fans. Chiller Gang keeps the ball rolling without any plans on stopping! They’ve already released a music video for their first song “Crystals On My Chain” and they have plans on releasing 4 more videos. Chiller Gang had a phenomenal 2019 and 2020 is bound to be even greater for them. We're genuinely hyped for what the group will release next.

Listen to the stylings of Chiller Gang here!


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Chiller Gang! Knowing you all have different individual styles and sounds, how do you manage to blend this together to create one unit?

The members of Chiller Gang have known each other for a long time, first, we are family then we are music business partners/teammates. Therefore when we started this music group we already had a bond, unlike any other group. The different flows and styles just come naturally, we can all rap to the same kind of beats so our different styles just naturally complement each other flows and sounds. We all like to try new things so once we hear someone's verse on a song we just try and compliment their style with our own sound. It's something that we just organically have. 

Talk to us about the album “Robichino”! What were the main theme behind this project and most of the songs?

The album Robichino was more of a concept project, it's broken down to show the diverse styles of rap and have the alter ego feeling as the flows and lyrics match the intensity. 

What about “Eyes Low”? What kind of vibe and aesthetic were you aiming for with this project?

For the Eyes Low project, I was pushing to show people the other side of my music that wasn't shown before. In a way, I was showing the fans the Chiller Gang flow, on some unfiltered, bottom of the gutta just raw type of rap. Simply portraying how the chillers rock, letting them know we can spit some ill shit too, and not just rap to rap. 

What’s an obstacle you may face making a collaborative album as opposed to individuals? In what ways do you overcome the challenge?

When we make collaborative albums we don't face many problems except who is gonna be in what song and making sure everyone is free at the same time so we can all go and record our songs. Besides that, there isn't much we an obstacle because even when we do individual albums we always feature each other so therefore we already know how to work with each other and how to complement each other sounds.

The way we overcome the challenges we do have is by listing who gets what verse and really just splitting verses as equally as we can, and by making timed schedules like a week or two ahead so we can all make free time to record our verses, and if we can't all be there at once then we will go to the studio as much as we have too until we all get our verses done. Because I mean you gotta do what you gotta do by any mean necessary to get where you wanna be, am I right? 

We anticipated the release of “Chiller Season 2” and it’s here! What about this album do you feel elevates your sound from your previous releases?

First, off we are very excited to show you guys Chiller Season 2 this is a project we all worked on very hard and put ours all into, what elevates this project from our previous ones is that we had more resources. We had a really dope engineer named Jishu-Milo that worked on the mix and mastering that we didn't work within the past. He is really good at what he does there is no doubt about that. You can hear it in the album how the mix and mastering is a lot better than our previous projects, as well as our lyrical content and beat selection.

We really went for something that was diverse and we decided to take the versatile route. We also paired up with other people that we haven't really made music with. For example, our song "Juice" has Chiller Rob, MC Jeaze and Jishu-Milo which hasn't been done before. So we just paired up with people that we normally don't collab with. Chiller Season 2 has all kinds of styles, flows, beats and sounds in general. We all used flows we normally don't use, we experimented with new things and made it our own. 

What’s next for the Chiller Gang?

Hmm, what's next for Chiller Gang? Well, currently we have merch out and we are working really hard on releasing the official Chiller Gang Website so people around the world can order our Merchandise and have easier access to all of our music and get a closer experience with the Chillers. Ricky T & Chiller Gee are also currently working on a collab album that will be released mid to late January. MC Jeaze is currently working on his Solo Album "Mind Body & Soul" That is anticipated to be released early February with a lot of dope features. Chiller Rob is working on Robichino 2 which also has a lot of dope features and IamL.E.O is working on a solo album that is TBA, Ricky T, and MC Jeaze are also working on a small EP coming out real soon! and MORE MERCH! and a lot of music videos for Chiller Season 2 and one last thing. Chiller Gang Will start posting Chiller Vlogs on youtube about the chiller life and the process of working on our projects and just day to day life as the chillers in general. We have our first Chiller Vlog out now on youtube called Chiller Vlog: Cyphy show. And it's about our most recent show. So be on the look out for that because the Chillers are always cooking something up. Just follow us on our Group IG @chillergram and you can see all of our stuff.



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