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Chise Up Blasts Us into, "Outerspace"

From Chi-town, the hip-hop duo, rappers, and cousins Chise Up brings us through the dense "Outerspace" with her heated hit single.

Recently releasing their fifth studio album, 'Heavy Drugs 3,' Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic's music never fails to give us elements of old-school merged with modern production techniques. Forming their duo, Chise Up, when attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, the cousins have consistently released an abundance of singles with frequent collaborations alongside producers like CKP, Ill Brown, and 7 Lee.

Highlighting the outro track, "Outerspace," to their latest album, 'Heavy Drugs 3,' Chise Up and their accompanying production serve the heaviest of vibes while leaving us with their crisp bars to get down with. While the production delivers fiery elements of contemporary hip-hop through powerhouse drum breaks and gleaming synths, Chise Up steals the show and keeps our ears peeled onto their intense performances.

Listening to the two-minute outro track, "Outerspace," Cognac Classic opens the song with his low and intriguing delivery accompanied by heavy drum breaks and sharp-shooting synths. While Cognac Classic sets the song's ominous and intense tone, the surrounding production maintains its steady and rhythmic high-tempo pace while leaving Chise Up's performance in the spotlight.

Once Daws Lotto makes his way in, his energetic and crisp vocal delivery brings another fiery aspect to the hard-hitting song. Both Cognac Classic and Daws Lotto's performances complement each other through their vast differences but similar energy and vibrance, as they lead us toward the outro with incredible power and poise.

Don't miss out on the exhilarating experience of Chise Up's latest hit, "Outerspace," and find their recent album 'Heavy Drugs 3,' on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello, Chise Up, and welcome back to BuzzMusic. We're bopping our heads to each hard-hitting beat of your latest single, "Outerspace." What inspired the creation of this intense and heavy single?

We just listened to what the beat said to do basically. It was one of those beats that when you first hear it you can automatically tell that this song would be special.

Did you work with any familiar producers when creating the production for "Outerspace?" What sort of vibe and atmosphere did you want to deliver through the track's sonics?

All credit goes to Dolomane for blessing us with this musical gem. It's a great canvas to showcase our versatility lyrically and flow-wise.

Why did you choose to place "Outerspace" as the outro track for your recent album, 'Heavy Drugs 3?' How does the track close off the project?

Just had to end the album with a bang. The flow of the album is important to us. We look at it as an audio movie.

Seeing as your duo seems to be on the grind constantly, does your recent album 'Heavy Drugs 3' prepare us for any forthcoming projects or releases?

We have several exclusive projects with producers S7NLEE, Dolomane, and others. Also, we just filmed the video for Catch Contact.

What's next for you?

We have a spring fashion collection that's available on More live performances as the country loosen Covid restrictions. Daws Lotto is beginning the second season of his podcast "Real Talk in Jeans."



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