CHISE UP Blends the Aggression with Smooth in “I Wanna Roll"

Waving to us from the south side of Chicago is the Hip-Hop duo CHISE UP, consisting of members Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic, CHISE UP sets out to create music that is a heavy focus on intricate, well-thought lyricism all while keeping the integrity together through the use of their tight flow. With having four full-length projects already out, CHISE UP has no signs of slowing down and is here to showcase their brand new single “I Wanna Roll.”

“I Wanna Roll” is a perfect combination between smooth spacey vibes and heavy, hard-hitting hip-hop. The drums for one hit you in the face with every kick drum, and the high-hats provide the perfect amount of bounce that beautifully compliments the airy and vibey keyboards. The culmination of the heavy and the light create an interesting texture that allows for Chise Up’s vocals to deliver a punchy, attitude heavy, but still approachable vocal performance that tells us about the hustle to rise to the top. “I Wanna Roll” is one of those records that you will be able to put on for any mood. Since listening to “I Wanna Roll,” we cannot wait to hear what else is to come from Chise Up.

You can listen to “I Wanna Roll” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic CHISE UP! Your latest release “I Wanna Roll” is full of vibes and punch, what was the inspiration behind the production of it? How did you come up with the smooth keyboard parts and punchy drums?

The main inspiration was a Gangsta Pat song from when I was in college The beat is sample-driven. I basically centered the whole beat around the guitar progression.  The punchy drums come from tons of saturation 

The rap performance is perfectly aggressive and intimate, what does your typical writing process look like? Does one person focus on the lyrics or is it a joint collaboration?

Listen to the track, let it speak to me, and come up with what I think it's trying to say. Joint effort.

We felt that “I Wanna Roll” was about the hustle of getting to the top, what does the song mean to you?

We tell our everyday life in our music, and getting to the top is our goal, daily, so yea, it is exactly about attaining new heights and living life to the fullest.

How has living in the South Side of Chicago influenced the music that you are creating? Do you have any idols that you look up to that inspire your art?

Being able to articulate our experiences as Chicagoans from the South Side is very unique in and of itself because our city is so segregated. We come from and speak from the BLACK experience, and it's not all roses where we come from, but we make the most out of the hand we were dealt with.