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Chise Up Dips Into Lyrical Finesse With "Catch Contact"

Growing up together on the Southside of Chicago, cousins Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic formed the group Chise Up.

The duo has dropped four full-length projects together in addition to the 30 plus tracks currently found on all streaming platforms. With frequent collaborations from in-house super-producer CKP, Ill Brown, and 7 Lee, emcees such as Fiend International Jones, RhymeFest, Mac Millie, Geno Pacino, Soze, and The Circle Cru, Chise Up has been working diligently to bring forth quality content to their fan base.

Fixating upon their latest sonic and visual pairing for the track “Catch Contact,” the weighty punch of this song already speaks for itself the moment it finds its way into your speakers. We’re captivated by the laidback filmic component of “Catch Contact” that enticingly pulls you into the boisterous lyrical dexterity driving home this record.

Drinks are flowing, and it’s good vibes all around as Daws Lotto and Cognac Classic take us into a rendezvous shared with their crew. We love the fact that we get to take in this experience from a first-person perspective and see just how they’re living it up as we delve into the slick cadences, and buttery verses that keep this track intact.

Getting up close and personal with Chise Up has us grasping onto a newfound appreciation that is stirred up through the moments that are exchanged at a round table where they can roll one up, and sip on a cold beverage amongst good company. The ease that is instilled by this concept has us feeling elevated in good spirits that are backed by the artistic virtuoso that Chise Up carries. If you’re looking to drift into the hues of old-school Hip-hop nostalgia, then Chise Up is the dynamic duo for you.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Chise Up, and congratulations on the release of “Catch Contact.” We love how the entire music video brings feel-good energy with a huge sense of keeping your circle close to you. Where did the music video concept stem from?

We wanted to showcase the great vibes and energy that are consistent with a ChiseUp event. We had our friends come out and a great time was had.

In terms of the single itself, what inspired the creation of “Catch Contact?" What does it mean to you both as artists?

The concept of Catch Contact is basically us striving for success and betterment. You can either be inspired or hate it. That developed after hearing the CKP produced the beat for the first time. The vibe of the beat took over and the next thing you know Catch Contact was born. Daws then came up with and added the hook to the track.

We can only imagine that filming the visuals was a party in itself! What was the experience like on set? With the various people involved was this fairly easy to execute?

The time on set was a great time. We filmed the video during our "HEAVY DRUGS 3" album release party in Chicago. We wanted to capture on film all of us celebrating the hard work and time that was put into making the new album. This shoot was fairly easy to execute because of the party being the backdrop. Plus the champagne was flowing. Lol. We already had everyone in one place at the same time which is usually the hardest part of shooting a video.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from both the song and visuals combined?

With the visuals, we wanted to showcase how a night of celebration of success with ChiseUp goes. Great energy, good vibes, cool people, and dope music.

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