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CHISE UP Dominates on Latest Release "Luxury Rapp"

Medolic synths cascade out from your stereo as you hit play on CHISE UP's latest hit "Luxury Rapp." The rappers that form CHISE UP enter the track like smooth operators, spouting lyrical rhymes as sleekly as the brass instrumentals layering the background sound. Chicago's Daw Lotto and Cognac Classic created the twosome rap group CHISE UP in college. Since then, the duo has released several hits with multiple collaborations and offshoots, garnering praise and notoriety for their craft.

"Luxury Rapp" features soulful R&B female vocals on the dreamy ode to Chicago chorus, and Lotto and Classic paint a picture of sophistication and class through their rhymes. Lyrics like "Luxury highs is what I provide," "No lease I'm an owner," "In my glass is some yak," is a testament of how these guys are living comfortably. Producer, S7NLEE is cranking out some sultry downtempo beats on "Luxury Rapp," and the blues-infused trumpet that serenades the track gives a "Casablanca" era to the mix. Together the elements create a steamy, sensual hip hop number. CHISE UP is undoubtedly bringing the heat on their latest hit "Luxury Rapp," hip hip lovers will not want to miss out on this one.

Discover "Luxury Rapp" here.

Hello CHISE UP, and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your new jam "Luxury Rapp". Can you tell our listeners a bit about the song and what you wanted the overall message to encompass? When S7N Lee (@s7nlee) ( producer ) first played the beat for Daws Lotto (@dawslottochiseup) and I already knew this was a banger. The beat embodied everything about summertime in Chicago.

You have made a long list of successful collaborations with other artists and producers. What do you feel collaboration brings to your music? Collaborations are always key. Just for the fact that you are exposing each artist's fan base to said artist that you are collaborating with. Plus when the chemistry is great a great product usually is the result.

What does the creative process look like for you two? How has working with S7NLEE enhanced your creative flow? Cognac Classic (@cognacclassicchiseup) and I usually write separately to a beat we are vibing to. And basically whoever gets to the studio first is the order on the song. Lol. We are very like-minded so we don't need to be in the same room when writing to be on the same page on the song. The vibe at an S7N LEE session is very very ideal which makes recording and collaboration with him super easy.

What has the music community in Chicago and the greater Illinois area, done for your music?

Chicago is basically responsible for our sound and content as a whole. Our experiences and relationships with the city can be heard throughout our music.

What's next for you throughout 2020?

New single (prod by CKP) and video (Dir. by Str8 Gulley Prod) "I Wanna Smoke debuting late spring. The Album Heavy Drugs 3 dripping this summer with features and production from CKP (@cokillaproductions), ILL BROWN (illbrown_), MAC MILLIE (@tmacmillie), SZN LEE , GENO PACINO (@pain707), E JILLA (@ejilla) Then we got THE FLU GAME EP coming after that. Exclusively prod by ILL BROWN and more collaborations obviously with DaCirleCru homies O Plus (@oplustheprince), King Chaz (@Bigda24), AnteUp (@anteup,_maintaing) and Big Mel (@bigmelmusic). Plus selling this merch at


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