CHO$EN ON3 Is A Beacon Of Motivation In “I Duzzit”

Born in East Point, GA and currently making waves out of Hammond, IN,  is the talented artist CHO$EN ON3. He started writing at age 11 and but didn't take music seriously until he was a teenager. After recording his first full song, CHO$EN ON3 had found his passion with the way that feeling spoke to him. Equipped with a wide range of diverse musical influences, CHO$EN ON3 was taught to appreciate all genres from a young age. Now striving to create music that builds connections, inspires and puts his truth on display, CHO$EN ON3 keeps pushing even when others tell him that what he’s striving for might be impossible.

“I Duzzit” showcases CHO$EN ON3’s expert flow and lyrical excellence. “I Duzzit” is an insane new track from CHO$EN ON3. His rap ability is incomparable! I’m blasting this track on repeat so I don’t miss one word of it. I don’t know how he has any time to breath between every bar that he spits absolutely flawlessly and effortlessly. The precision and timing of every word is incredible. The heavy backbeat is addicting and catchy while CHO$EN ON3 exudes confidence. He knows that he has a unique sound that needs to be spread in the music industry. CHO$EN ON3 spits bar after bar of addicting and flawless rhymes. Fused together with an upbeat and deliberate drop, CHO$EN ON3 delivers an explosive single. His diverse rap style has the listener hypnotized by every verse throughout “I Duzzit”. CHO$EN ON3 has worked hard to get where he is now and he’s only getting further! With releases like “I Duzzit” you better stay on the lookout because CHO$EN ON3 is headed to the top. 

Check out “I Duzzit” here and read more with CHO$EN ON3 below!

Hey CHO$EN ON3! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and telling us how you got started making music?

What's up world! I'm CHO$EN ON3 Studio Addikts Entertainment's first recording artist. I take a lot of pride in saying that. For me, it's motivational knowing somebody believes in you, even if, it's just you believing in yourself. I was bred in Georgia, Raised in Indiana. Different styles and genres of music were always in my Environment. I'm grateful because I didn't notice how much of an impact it had on me at the time. I started freestyling when I was 9 after watching my cousin spit a dope story off the top of his head I wanted to try it. A few years later I wrote my first song. I was motivated after My brother, who now goes by the artist name Ciddyboy South, showed me a remake he made of pastor Troy's Do It. Made me wonder what I could create if I took the time to write my lyrics down. Boom! 11yrs old, wrote a song, it sucked, but I was proud of myself because now I knew I could do it, but could I get better? Wanting to improve myself, wanting to Master my craft Writing changed from a hobby to a habit, to my passion.

Can you dive into more details of the lyricism in “I Duzzit”?

I Duzzit can be described as motivational in a sense. Initially, I wrote it to remind myself to stay focused, stay on track. We all know that no matter what you do there are people in this world with negative intentions, negative energy, negative things to say about you or what you believe in. I used to respond with anger so instead of giving them my time and energy I wrote the song I Duzz it. From the start of the song "Yup, Gotta give you one to hate on." I'm addressing all the doubt and negativity whether it's from people you know, strangers, or even within yourself. The rest of the track explains that I have goals and things I need to accomplish and nothings gonna stop me from achieving those goals. When you have faith in something you can't doubt it. Which I also sum up in the chorus. "Even when they doubt I do it." I love the song through and through.

Who are your musical influences? How do you draw inspiration from them?

Being introduced to so many styles and genres of music early my inspirations are endless. Ciddyboy South will always be number one pick because he inspired to even consider rapping and my first outlet into rap/hip hop. DMX I related to heavy because I felt he was speaking for me at times. I'm not a big dude but I have a lot of heart and a lot of fight. I love the feeling I get even today when I play his track. The Ruff Ryder's, Ludacris, Bone Thugs N Harmony, OutKast there are so many I really can't name them all. Even today I'm getting put on to artist I never knew of becoming a fan and gaining inspiration. When I was little I used to pretend I was on a song with some of my favorites. I would try to freestyle a verse like I was that person. Then I thought why try to be them? Why not create something and send a message In my way that can be listed up there with the greats if not better. I'd listen to their songs and the impact their music on me, made me want to somehow share that feeling with somebody. Hopefully, motivate someone to be the next great anything.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I Train. I want to master this craft so I write every day, I rehearse every day, always trying to create. I love the challenge of pushing myself beyond limitation and achieving whatever task or   goal I set. I listen to what other artists are working on. I talk to people and see what their viewpoints are on different life subjects. I study the history, pray, I have faith, do the work, and I trust the  process. 

How does your upbringing and hometown help to establish who you are as an artist?

I like to say I got my heart in East Point, GA. I was a shorty so a lot of my first experiences were there. Living in that environment was like a village, not literally but you know the type of neighborhood where the neighbors get permission to whoop you if you act up? That kind of vibe. It was always a lot of love around me. It taught me responsibility early. How to genuinely care about others as well as myself. You don't get that type of unity too much these days. You'll hear me say I got my pride in 219. That's Indiana. We moved there when I was early in my teens. I Fought a lot of personal battles but I learned how to stand as a man there. It's seemed like Indiana as a whole is always trying to improve, always trying to better itself, from construction to new businesses, etc. You see that in the people as well. Although, It's not a well-known place, for some reason everyone seemed to appreciate what they had and that grew on me. Have pride in the work you do and always look for ways to get better.


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