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Choco Valens Brings Life Back To Hip-Hop In A New Album, "Hollywood Burns"

Fake M.C.s, beware. The hard-hitting stylings of rapper, M.C. and hip-hop recording artist Choco Valens are not something to be played with. Listeners can experience this firsthand on his latest 14-track album, Hollywood Burns.

Modern music heads are well aware of the watered-down and diluted nature that hip-hop has become. Thanks to acts like Miami-born Choco Valens, he's preserving the roots of this sacred genre with meaningful bars, dope rhythms, and an artist-audience connection like no other. The passionate M.C. recently released his most intriguing project to date, none other than the sonically and lyrically delicious 14-track record Hollywood Burns.

This record is perhaps the perfect introduction to the conceptual stylings of Choco Valens. It kicks off with the introductory piece "Broken Bones," opening with interviews and confessionals of Hollywood's darkest secrets for the first two minutes. From pedophilia to the dark and demonic energy of the industry, shit gets real. Choco Valens jumps in near the end, slapping us with slow-burn bars and a jazzy beat that keeps us wanting more.

On track number two, "No Mercy," we get more. Choco Valens continues the slow-burn vibe with ominous hip-hop production and his Schoolboy Q-esque vocal delivery that smokes our speakers with tightly-knit bars. Choco Valens has no problem commanding our attention. From his playful adlibs to his rhythmic transitions and fierce bars, he's clearly an artist that's in it for the long haul.

Moving onto track three, "7 Chakras," Choco Valens throws us into a cool, calm, and composed hip-hop beat that instantly sparks a fire. Impressively, Choco Valens jumps into his bars on this track with a delivery reminiscent of Eminem, packed with angst, intensity, and undeniable wit. His clear-cut bars paint vivid images in the listener's mind while keeping them hooked with unique hip-hop sonics and his confident, alluring performance stylings.

Leaning into the album's fourth track, "Blood Sport (prod. Digg Jones), this tune kicks off with the hilarious sample of Josh Peck and Drake Bell in Mean Creek, sampling a scene many are familiar with. Digg Jones's haunting yet hard-hitting production paves the way for Choco Valens to make a splash with his piercing bars that express a certain fast-paced lifestyle packed with action. It's another intense tune that leaves us on the edge of our seats.

Reaching track number five, "Heart of Evil," this tune opens like a trailer for a horror movie, packed with screams, heavy drums, and an eerie vibe like no other. We get the feeling that Choco Valens is heavily inspired by cinema and current events. As the track continues, he confidently leaps into his crisp and fierce bars that linger a tad to the morbid side. It's a gripping track that helps us get to know Choco Valens much more.

You will never find another song like "Mad Villain," the 7-minute concept brought to life on the album's sixth track. It's another slow-burn and cinematic song that dissects the corrupt politicians and people of the world that continue to wreak havoc on innocent individuals. Choco Valens's intense and conceptual bars shine a bright light on the darkness of the world while gradually turning up the energy near the groovy outro.

Reaching the album's the halfway point with track number seven, "Born Killers (feat. Serum Duivan King Tetrus 8ch20wins Lejnd)", Choco Valens throws us into the prime time sounds of hip-hop's golden era while leading into Serum's low, ferocious flow. This track is straight out of the New York City hip-hop scene in the early 90s, and Choco Valens's equally captivating bars, alongside Serum's powerful performance, deliver everything we could possibly ask for.

Filled with "Rage"? So is Choco Valens. Fuck the government, fuck politics, fuck the people in power; Choco Valens is slapping our speakers with pent-up rage he's been feeling for far too long. He takes this powerhouse track solo while spitting angsty bars that prompt some intense head-bopping. This track is exhilarating, and we can quite literally hear the weight being lifted off Choco Valens's shoulders as he unleashes the beast within.

Choco Valens is no stranger to the grind, and he highlights this in track number nine, "No Days Off (feat. Orion Brass)." Choco jumps into the track with his powerful bars that emphasize the perpetual grind while letting listeners lose themselves in the smooth and breezy sonics. Orion Brass brings just as much energy with his unique flow that borders on spoken word, filling our speakers with the hard truth of committing yourself to your craft.

If you really want to get to know the stylings of Choco Valens, feast your ears on the album's tenth track, "Free Country." It's a shorter track that shines a spotlight on Choco Valens's captivating flow and conceptual rhymes that highlight his exciting lifestyle and the determination that brought him to where he is today. The fiery beat, paired with Choco Valens's quick-witted and sharp-shooting flow, is a force to be reckoned with.

On track number eleven, "Bad Guy," we're met with a narrator expressing a monologue about praying she can see the gold in her before her time is up. Choco Valens jumps into this track with poise and energy while the breezy beat floats in the background with pristine vibes. It's a refreshing tune that highlights how hate is the new love, love is the new hate, and how Choco Valens is making his time on this earth worthwhile.

Landing on the album's twelfth track, "ScarFace (feat. Wolf-gang)," we drift into a nostalgic south beach vibe with the grooviest hip-hop production. Choco Valens and Wolf-gang's ferocious flow leave us in a sweat. Wolfgang's sonically delicious feature packs all the energy, passion, and personality we could ask for, all while Choco Valens circles back to his fast-paced bars and groovy sonics that close the track with a bang.

Hitting play on track thirteen, "Blue Print," we're greeted with various nostalgic commercials, infomercials, and ads that kick the song into gear. If Choco Valens makes anything clear in this track, it's that he's a machine that's constantly on the move. The larger-than-life production packs surreal vibes while Choco Valens slaps the speakers with his familiar vocal delivery that prompts some serious stank face in the best way possible.

Reaching the album's fourteenth and final track, "Miami Estate," Choco Valens continues that larger-than-life production loaded with horns and heavy drums, leading us into his timeless flow. Choco Valens puts on one hell of a performance, and this solo outro track is a prime example. He closes the album with blunt honesty and charisma while radiating positivity for listeners to soak up. It's a killer outro track that perfectly sums up the entire stimulating listening experience.

It doesn't get much better than hip-hop with meaning. Luckily, that's precisely what Choco Valens brings to the table in his recent 14-track album, Hollywood Burns. Experience it for yourself and find the hot new record exclusively on Bandcamp.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Choco Valens. Congratulations on releasing your timeless and engaging new album, Hollywood Burns. What inspired you to create this conceptual project? What led you to the studio?

I think overall unexposed truth about pedo's in Hollywood and how vile people are treated; plus, it's no secret that Hollywood is fucked.

What was your experience working with such talented artists like Wolfgang Peterson, Orion Brass, and Serum when creating the record Hollywood Burns? What was your collaborative experience like?

It was great working with legends. And Wolfgang is my brother, always a learning experience.

If there was one message or concept that you wanted listeners to take away from Hollywood Burns, what would it be?

Don't sell your soul. Shit isn't a game. God is real, and so is the Devil.

Did you have any artistic or musical influences in mind when creating Hollywood Burns? What sounds, artists, or genres helped bring this project to life?

Expect Wolf Gang - beats I took from old beat tapes some people made for me. Slipknot definitely played a part, lol!

How does Hollywood Burns reflect who you are and where you're headed as an artist and M.C.? What does this album represent?

Revoultion and I make music for rebels, the thinkers, the fighters of a forgotten world. As an artist, I, think I, just head towards more of not giving a fuck about anything anymore and just creating, period. This is like my 4th tape. I got four more. I'm almost ready to go, so it all depends on GOD as well. I'm just here to deliver a message Idk how long for!? lol, the album represents a wake-up call! That there's something more than Hollywood than just Hollywood in a nutshell. Truth is it's powered by the devil and people don't fucking know or think it's CRAZY, so my hope is to wake people to perhaps enlighten THEM! In my own way by speaking my truth that Hollywood needs to burn or just perhaps the idea of it. Your choice.

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