Chompchomp’s Debut Album “Architect” Provides Nine-Track Playlist Of Pure Bliss

Bobby Mairone is a talented electronic music producer from New Jersey. Professionally known by the moniker Chompchomp, Bobby creates ambient soundscapes inspired by his influences San Holo, DROELOE, and Said The Sky. With two EP’s and one full-length album out now, Chompchomp is always releasing new content. He is currently working on his third EP, set to be released on October 1! 

Chompchomp’s debut album “Architect” was released this past May and has seen nothing but success from the offset. “Architect” comes in the form of a nine-track album, compiled of increasingly creative and blissfully ambient EDM beats and soundscapes – each one a little more unique and interesting than the last.

Beginning with the mellow and hypnotic tones of “Come Inside, It’s Raining” , the music fills the room with equal parts delicacy and grit, showcasing both a deep running sense of artistry and a clear professionalism and knowledge when it comes to electronic music production. There are journeys within each of these compositions, and the details and pauses, the weight contrasted by the lightness, all add to the experience – helping make this entire album no less than a dream to lose yourself within.

When it comes to soundscape design, “Architect” calls out for well-crafted individuality. Even from the opener to the second track “Riverfront”, eclecticism roams free, fusing distorted retro tones with freely meandering melodies and decidedly experimental layers. “Cyanic” hits with impact, immersing its listener and taking over the room. Categorically best experienced at volume. Contrast kicks in brilliantly throughout “Bayshore”, moments of quiet and space are blown out of the water by subsequent build-ups and anticipations.

The alternative electronic vibes scream out for you, and still, Chompchomp stylishly incorporates numerous moments of calm. The pace moves from calming to hard-hitting in “Safari”, lifting you up in the process and reminding you of the euphoric qualities of well-captured distortion and bass and beats in the heat of the moment. The album moves along to “Ensorcell” which once again showcases Chompchomp as an extremely versatile and creative producer with a party organic soundscape, unlike anything we’ve heard before. “The Void” comes in with a beautifully soulful yet industrially soaked piece of ambiance. Meanwhile, the music builds, gathering momentum in subtle, skillful ways.“Biblioklept” follows and hits with a very different level of mystery. Still, though, that set-up sounds perfectly in tune with the threads of identity and purpose that run throughout the playlist. “

Architect” comes to a conclusion with “Strange Places”, Chompchomp creates a wave of warmth, a moment of absolute escapism, of darkness and clarity intertwined and we’re sad to hear it come to an end. It’s refreshing, to say the very least, and it’s easily worth more than a few streams throughout the coming months and years. “Architect” comes with a whole new streak of talent, intention and unstoppable creativity from producer Chompchomp. Versatility is key, and this project has it mastered. Be sure to keep up with Bobby Mairone and his musical endeavors!

Check out “Architect” here and read more with Chompchomp below in our exclusive interview! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chompchomp! Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers? How did you go about choosing your stage name?

What’s up!? My name is Bobby Mairone, and I produce electronic music under the alias Chompchomp. I’m 22 years old and I’m from southern New Jersey. I was originally inspired my Marshmello so I wanted a sort of cutesy name like his. Honestly, Chompchomp was the first name I thought of. It’s catchy and easy to remember.

How was the production of your latest album "Architect"? Did your initial vision for the album end up executing as you thought it would?

“Architect” was actually my Senior Project in college. I graduated from the University of Tampa with a BFA in Digital Arts. Along with the songs, I created the artwork and filmed two music videos. I wanted the album to have a lo-fi vibe. I’m really happy with how it all turned out.

"Safari" was that type of track that pulsates with energy! What kind of vibe were you going for when curating the track?

The first few songs I made for “Architect” were slower, chiller tracks. I wanted one or two songs on the album to contrast that. It started with the handpan loop that I found. For some reason, it reminded me of a jungle hence the name “Safari.”

What can you tell us about your EP dropping October 1? We can’t wait to hear more!

I experimented with glitchy textures and distortion in sound design. I wanted to incorporate these elements into my sound more. My friend Gabi Roque sang on of the tracks too. “Tranquil Wave” drops October 1st and I can’t wait for everyone to hear!

Thank you so much for chatting with us! Do you have any upcoming events or shows in support of the brand new EP?

No shows lined up yet but I’m moving to Philly soon, and I’m going to try to get my foot in the door at different venues. Big things coming my way! Thanks for having me!