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Chris Clute Gets Honest And Compassionate With “Listen 2 U”

Vancouver, Canada’s own Chris Clute keeps the music scene alive and kicking with this soulful and synth-soaked new smash hit, “Listen 2 U”. Fusing a rhythmic and upbeat soundscape, an uplifting drop and a series of creative instrumental moments that rain down with vibrancy and color “Listen 2 U” is a simple dream of a pop track. The song utilizes poetry and metaphors to craft and build-up an easily memorable hook with a quickly engaging, emotional story-line and vocal. “Listen 2 U” focuses on the strange feeling of lost connections and trying to rebuild. The impact of human connection is universal. Clute builds a tranquil, immersive sound as he looks to repair a fractured relationship. Chris’ gentle and authentic vocal tone works well amidst a humble and ambient soundscape.

From childhood to early adulthood, Clute writes from a variety of perspectives. “A lot of my early writing was very introspective, self-reflection from my perspective… From my experience writing and creating with others, I’ve learned to write from other points of view. To tell stories of those closest to me”. Working closely with Salil Verma and Peter Newieunberg from Sound of Kalima, Clute’s high melancholic vocals weave in and out of these warm and stacked instrumentals to create large soundscapes for simple and relatable messages.

Check out “Listen 2 U” here and read more with Chris Clute below!

Hey Chris! Can you tell us a bit about how you originally began creating music? 

I grew up taking piano lessons and absolutely hated it. The way I was taught was restrictive and I was learning pieces, I didn't even like. When I started learning guitar with my friends it was so refreshing. We just picked up tabs on the internet for songs that we were obsessed with and hashed them out together… 

That freedom of expression grew into writing and composing my own music and led me to collaborate with some of my new found best friends.

Congrats on the release of your new single “Listen 2 U”! What does this song represent for you? 

When we move on to the next chapter we meet a lot of new people of course, but we also end up leaving people behind. Sometimes this IS for the better but a lot of times we simply lose touch with people who were a big part of that chapter in our life. This song is about reaching out and reconnecting with the people we’ve been meaning to talk to. Seeing people we don’t get to see very often and taking the time to listen to them.

Where is the best setting to listen to “Listen 2 U”, and what do you hope people take away from it?

The ideal place to listen to the song is at the beach at sunset… or…  in a Hollywood feel good movie right before the credits!

I hope this song makes people think of someone that means a lot to them. Maybe someone who they haven’t seen in a long time. 

What’s your favorite lyric that you feel has the most impact in “Listen 2 U”? Why? 

“There’s no need, to be nervous it’s just me” 

I like this line a lot because a lot of times if I don’t see someone for a while, I don’t know what to expect. Have they changed? Do they still feel the same about me? There’s no need to be nervous… it’s just me and I’m still me.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to talk about?

Yes this song is the first single off of my upcoming album “Homesick Holiday”. The song is the first part of something much larger and I’m very excited to share it with you.


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