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Chris Koehn Sets You Free With Latest, "Sympatheia"

Chris Koehn, a shoegaze artist from Mexico City, is winning over hearts with his latest "Sympatheia." A healthy reminder of the importance of loving and being kind to yourself.

"The freer from our attachments we are, the happier our lives will be." - Chris Koehn.

Chris Koehn is on a mission to help others heal and learn through the power of music. The lyrics of his music are powerful and create awareness to appreciate life in its present time as tomorrow is never guaranteed. After the death of his brother Chris turned to the healing power of music, which inspired him to continue to help others through his music. "Sympatheia," released in 2022, is the first single from his upcoming EP and is healing one soul at a time.

"Sympatheia" is a song expressing the loneliness during the quarantine and then realizing how we are all connected within the universe. This Shoegaze song conveys how we are all not alone, and feeling emotion is part of who we are as humans.

Chris Koehn creates a tranquil state of mind through his calming lyrics and mellow instrumentals. "Sympatheia" delivers a heartfelt message filled with the true meaning of connection that we all share. This song will leave you feeling meditated as the warmth of the message leaves you relaxed.

The song is delivered beautifully, with the message coming across very softly. "Sympatheia" should be a reminder that expressing your emotion is very healthy and pure as a human being.

"Sympatheia" touching hearts searching the horizon for a better tomorrow.

Hello Chris Koehn, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of "Sympatheia." How did the inspiration for this single come about?

I started writing Sympatheia during the pandemic lockdown. I was reading a book about spirituality, and the "Sympatheia "concept came out, which means our connectedness to the Cosmos. So it's about facing loneliness together. Although sometimes we could think we are the only ones with that feeling, we are all connected and feeling the same. So the more we limit distractions, watch our thoughts, and are grateful for what we have, the happier & better we will feel.

Where do you go for inspiration on your darkest days?

On my darkest days, for inspiration, I go to nature. Love running on sunrises in the woods, surfing, meditating daily, doing yoga, and writing down three gratitudes every single day. Going to museums also helps a lot for inspiration, watching movies of directors I admire and playing my guitar at night before going to bed it's a nice therapy too.

Where did the love of music resonate? Did you have any artists you idolized while growing up?

I've loved music all my life. As a kid, when I discovered MTV, it blew my mind. Going to record stores as a teenager to listen to new cassette singles & cd releases was amazing.

When my brother passed away 19 years ago, I wrote a song for him, and when I saw the healing power the song had on me and others, I decided to keep creating music for others to feel better too. While growing up, I idolized Metallica, Pink Floyd, The Beatles & The Cure.

Now, although I still love them, I also listen to & am a huge fan of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Joy Division, Slowdive & Timber Timbre.

What message do you hope listeners take away from "Sympatheia?"

I wrote Sympatheia ( as most of my music) to create awareness for a happier & better life.

The more we practice being present, kind, aware of our thoughts, grateful for what we have, and that death can come anytime, the more we'll enjoy our lives, which I believe is a wish for every human being.

What's next for you?

"Sympatheia" is the first single off my upcoming EP, so in the next couple of months, I'll be releasing new songs as part of this material, which I'm really excited to share since they have collaborations with artists I admire. So it has been a very nice journey creating music together.


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