Chris Padin and Georgia Rose Turn Up the Vibe in "Losing My Mind"

Coming in hot from New York City, electronic producer Chris Padin teams up with vocalist Georgia Rose for their newest deep house banger entitled "Losing My Mind."

Chris Padin first began delving into music creation at the age of sixteen; since then, he's advanced into creating his own sounds and tracks, building a unique approach to electronic music. Padin is a boundary-pusher; he's well-versed in the powerhouse subgenres of electronic like house, future bass, deep house, progressive house, and big room.

Pairing up with Georgia Rose for their latest single, "Losing My Mind," Chris Padin mentioned that he first heard Rose's vocals on Bravo's hit show Below Deck. He messaged her on Instagram with a track he produced and 10,000 Spotify streams later; the rest was history.

Jumping into the new bop, "Losing My Mind," the song kicks off with your usual 124 BPM deep house drums that get the party started. As a plucky and bouncy synth begins to jump through our speakers, so do Georgia Rose's warm and enchanting vocal stylings that sing an incredibly passionate and lustful message.

As Chris Padin begins to build the energy and anticipation with his rhythmic drums, we drop into a flaming hot deep house atmosphere with sparkling synths on one end and deep, dark ones on the other. This is truly a collaboration from the heavens; Chris Padin swoons our ears with his energetic, groovy, and heated deep house production while Georgia Rose dances over top with the utmost radiance and emotion.

Dance the night away with Chris Padin and Georgia Rose's new single, "Losing My Mind," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chris Padin. Your energetic single with Georgie Rose, "Losing My Mind," couldn't have come at a better time. What was your initial intention with this song? What sort of vibe were you aiming to create?

My initial intention was to create a deep house dance track that had a catchy melody and deep bass for the clubs. My original thought was to recreate 90’s sounds with my fresh modern twist. Could you describe the moment you found Georgia Rose and asked her to hop on "Losing My Mind"? How did that go down?