Chris Poulson Watches A Relationship, “Fall Into Pieces”

Soaring in from Burbank, California, is industry veteran, musician, and singer-songwriter Chris Poulson with his punchy, powerful, and cathartic new single, "Fall into Pieces," from his debut solo EP of the same name.

Chris Poulson has seen many stints in the music industry that date back to the early 00s. From smashing the drums with Rock Kills Kid to sharing the stage with The Plain White T's, A Static Lullaby, Anderlin, and many more. Chris Poulson decided to put down the sticks and focus on his solo career in the mid-00s, and it's safe to say he's nowhere near done making his mark on the music scene.

In 2021, Chris Poulson released his debut solo EP 'Fall into Pieces,' featuring the heavy-hitting, emotional, and gripping title track. The single, "Fall into Pieces," shows Poulson packing the "requisite snarl of the wounded," he explains, which offers equal amounts of emotion-drenched instrumentals and deftly conceptual lyricism.

Kicking things up a notch, our venture into the single, "Fall into Piece," begins with a wailing and captivating lead guitar that soars through our speakers alongside thick mid-tempo drum hits and a gut-wrenching rhythm guitar. Listening to Chris Poulson's powerful and deeply passionate vocals, he belts his heart out while bearing the burden of a relationship's turmoil and looking for a way to survive.

This compact banger is straight out of 00s punk rock, but Chris Poulson has this unique way of adding different spins and flairs through dreamy, energy-filled guitar solos that chill us to the bone. Chris Poulson leads us to the song's end with a need for relief, which listeners are destined to find through his cathartic and emotion-rich performance.

Introduce yourself to the flaming, anthemic, and profoundly meaningful stylings of Chris Poulson through his recent single, "Fall into Pieces," and find his entire debut EP 'Fall into Pieces' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chris Poulson. We are deeply impressed with the anthemic feel and deeply emotional concept within your recent single, "Fall into Pieces." What inspired you to write this powerful and cathartic song?

First off, Thank you! I was initially inspired to write "Fall into Pieces" when a small independent music label got ahold of a few songs I wrote from a band I was fronting at the time. They liked my style of writing and wanted to work with my band and me. They asked if I could write some songs that were a little heavier to fit the style of music they were marketing on their label. So, with that in mind and the task I had at hand. I sat in my room and cranked out about fifteen to twenty 30-second song ideas with just a verse and a chorus. And, out of that bunch came the idea for "Fall into Pieces." I had the feeling and meaning behind writing the song come from good old-fashioned heartbreak.

Why did you feel compelled to put down the sticks and focus on your solo singer-songwriter career in the mid-00s? Why was this an important move for you?

My first instrument was the drum and one that I fell deeply in love with. I started playing when I was 13 years old and began professionally in my early 20s. While playing in several bands throughout that time, I sang lead and backup vocals while drumming. I ended up landing a gig in the year 2001 with a newly signed (Fearless Records) band called Rock Kills Kid. We immediately started the recording of our debut E.P. set to release on Fearless the following year. This was my first experience as a touring artist/drummer. We toured moderately over the next few years following the E.P.'s release while also working on new tracks for our upcoming full-length album. I also sang backup vocals in RKK and even recorded a few cameo vocal spots on our debut E.P. So, I guess you can say singing was a definite passion of mine, as well as drumming. I ended up leaving RKK in 2005 after the recording of the second album that was set to release on Warner/Reprise. The thought of being a frontman was always on my mind, even way back when I first started playing. However, I didn't think I had the courage or confidence to pull it off, so I stuck with the drums. After years of playing around the U.S. and many live shows later, my confidence was on a level that I thought would never see the light of day. From that point on, I put the sticks down to focus on singing and songwriting. I spent the next few years honing my craft while also fronting a buzzworthy rock band in the Los Angeles area that had lost its lead singer. We played many shows all over L.A. and surrounding areas with this band. We even drafted up a nice hefty chunk of song ideas which I either wrote or co-wrote. Only after a short stint did the group disband, and we all parted ways. At that point, I thought it was time to create my own version of a band I had only dreamt about. From all the songs I had in my repertoire, I narrowed them down to my top six favorites and spent the next several months finding the right members to complete this vision. Once the line-up was solid, I contacted a producer/engineer to record a 6-song E.P., which would also be labeled as my singer-songwriter debut. The band had a nice little run, releasing a music video and having toured and traveled to several states over the U.S., As well as playing countless shows in Los Angeles. Some of which are opening and/or sharing the stage with national headlining groups/bands. Right before the group's disbandment is when and where the song "Fall into Pieces" actually came to life. I ended up writing two more songs, "Break Free" and "Joyride," to add to the mix, and I hit the recording studio shortly after to start my journey as a solo artist. Putting the sticks down was an important move for me to not only show the world what I have to offer as a singer-songwriter and frontman but to follow what it is I knew I was put on this earth to do.

What emotions or thoughts did you hope to evoke in your audience when listening to the relatable and powerful single, "Fall into Pieces?"

With "Fall into Pieces," I hoped to evoke a rollercoaster of emotions in listeners. Almost like getting lost in your own thoughts. For me, it's like driving through a dark wooded forest, and all you see is the road ahead. Oblivious to everything surrounding you.

How does the single "Fall into Pieces" represent the E.P.' Fall into Pieces?' How does this single prepare your audience for the entire 3-track listening experience?

"Fall into Pieces" represents the E.P. as a whole where the listener can connect from life experience. We have all felt hurt, pain, and sorrow. Yet, life goes on. The title track wraps up the 3-track E.P. in a way that sparks a little fire inside of you.

What's next for you?

The release of 'Fall into Pieces' E.P. emerged after a long break in the music world. I toyed with the idea for several years of getting back out into the live scene again and doing what it is I love to do. I suppose releasing the E.P. gave me the motivation I needed to make that happen. With that, 2022 is looking bright, and you can definitely expect to see more of me in the coming months. Along with new music, music videos, and live shows!