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Christa Joy Warms Her Listener With “Get On, Heart!”

Christa Joy is originally from rural Massachusetts, who grew up in a teacher-preacher truck driving kind of family. She spent the earliest years of her songwriting telling stories of her rural upbringing, the illness, and the death of her mother, combined with the broken-hearted years that followed this loss. However, Christa’s world shifted again when the birth of her daughter happened in 2015. She lightened up, found her cowgirl boots, dusted off her best hat, and began to Write the kind of songs that eventually became “Get On, Heart!”

“Get On, Heart” was a single like no other, containing riveting country melodies and a charming atmosphere that you can’t help but find yourself obsessing over. The warmth in Christa Joy’s voice and the settling comfort you feel across the lyrics is just an experience you won’t forget. Her all-American vocal quality really places you in a setting that enhances the entire record for you a bit more. Christa Joy keeps you consistently invested in the song, without a single miss. Christa Joy is just a special artist who knows how to intertwine art with her music. She places you inside the song and keeps you following the journey. It’s like every lyric she sings was meant for you, and you feel every last one. Christa Joy is a singer who doesn't’ keep her listener feeling unsatisfied. She knows how to fill you up with joy, passion, and new delightful radiation of positive energy.

Listen to Christa's "Get On, Heart" here!

Continue reading for Christa's exclusive interview with us at BuzzMusic.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Christa Joy. in what ways has your upbringing and background impacted your music and style?

I grew up in rural New England in a working-class family. In a lot of ways, church singing, choir singing, and a musical upbringing set the foundation for my growth as a songwriter. My brother, sister and I stood around my Grandmother's organ singing old hymns or learning scales on my Grandfather's piano. My grandfather was a pianist and tenor singer, who like me, was also a teacher. My Mom was incredibly supportive of my music during her life. She woke up an hour early to drive me to choir groups that met before school. She shuttled me to musical theater rehearsals and concerts. Music was always important to her as well, so we shared that passion. Other influences were the LP's played in my living room-the combined collections from my parents' earlier years: Peter Paul & Mary, Carole King, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Kenny Rogers, Roy Orbison, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Dolly Parton, and Emmylou Harris. My father has been a truck driver on and off throughout my life. When we made him mix-tapes for the road, we'd put together his favorite driving tunes: Traveling Wilburys, Creedence, The Eagles...

Who would you consider some of your main inspirations and influences?

Patsy Cline, Gillian Welch, Carole King, and Emmylou Harris.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Get On, Heart!”?

The main obstacle most independent musicians face is funding. I have been blessed to be supported by hundreds of listeners and friends through three separate successful Kickstarter campaigns. This most recent campaign was highlighted by No Depression's "Crowdfunding Campaigns of the Week," which helped with visibility. That and 121 bright sunbeams who funded my album with pre-orders through my Kickstarter. We recorded the album mostly live, which felt intimidating at the start. Recording live ended up being a liberating process for me and gave the recordings so much collective energy. I don't think I'll ever record differently going forward. The live band brings so much collaboration to the forefront of recording and the process only improved the songs I wrote for this collection.

How would you describe the songwriting in this single?

"Get On, Heart!" was a song I wrote in little spurts. Once that phrase, "And get on heart, just another false start, just another false start," took shape, the verses quickly fell around it. It's a light-hearted classic love-gone-wrong country song--fun to write and even more fun to sing. A lot of the songs on this record felt playful, spinning out stories full of archetypes (both characters and country writing stylings). I let myself have fun writing these songs about dusting yourself off and moving on.

What’s next for you?

"Get On, Heart!" is beginning to find traction in ways my other albums haven't. I'm excited to see who continues to find these songs and how new listeners receive these songs. When other people hear the songs and get excited about them, it's like the album has a life of it's own. Right now I am touring the album with my live band, "Christa Joy and the Honeybees." We'll be in and around the Northeast this fall and winter. I am also booking private house shows, which you can read more about on my website. In terms of other creative projects, I've begun a couple new songwriting collaborations that will likely lead to some singles in coming months. It's an exciting time!


Make sure to check out Christa on her socials in order to stay updated with releases and shows!


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