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Christee Palace Searches For Peace on Latest Single "What Have You Done To Me"

From Windsor, Ontario, the soulful Artist and Singer/Songwriter Christee Palace release a heavy single with "What Have You Done To Me." Channeling her deep and droning emotions for this soulful single, Christee Palace is pushing her way through the industry with force.

You might be familiar with the stylings of Christee Palace, as her previous singles have garnered vast attention with over half a million streams to date. Having won the Jim Beam National Talent Search hosted by Canadian Music Week and receiving heavy rotation through Canadian radio stations, Christee Palace is bound to impact any listener.

Her latest single, "What Have You Done To Me," brings listeners deep into Christee Palace's vast sound that pulls on every heartstring. The song itself brings a modern singer/songwriter feel but with incredibly bluesy and soulful instrumentation. While Christee Palace sings an emotional message of watching her heartbreak piece by piece, we highly appreciate such a deep and meaningful single like this.

Listening to "What Have You Done To Me," the song begins with this overall sensation of Blues through the tight bassline, shimmering background keys, and bright piano melodies. As Christee Palace makes her way in, we're completely and utterly swooned by the natural soul and passion she delivers through her raw and clear vocals. While singing of insecurities abounds brought on by a past lover, she brings listeners deeper into the song to form a unique connection.

Ending the song off on a note of introspection, we can't help but feel this sense of clarity even though Christee Palace sings of her inner turmoil, as it's evident that she's happy to move forward from such distress. We're head over heels for Christee Palace's soulful single "What Have You Done To Me," as she brings us on a journey to inner freedom.

What pushed you to create such a moving and emotional single with "What Have You Done To Me?”

This song was inevitably going to be written at some point. It’s about a love where the narrative is truly never over, and in a sense, it sort of consumes you. You’re not able to let go of this person no matter how much time has passed, and how much you know you should move on. It was my way of expressing a feeling of helplessness that I have experienced when it comes to this person.

Was it challenging to write lyrics for your single "What Have You Done To Me?” What did your songwriting process look like when channeling those deep and powerful emotions?

Believe it or not, this song was actually quite easy to write. The words and melodies poured out of me. I think that is true for any song that represents a person that means so much to you, or an experience that has affected you so deeply.

Why did you want to fuel your single "What Have You Done To Me" with bluesy and soulful instrumentation? How did you create this sonic atmosphere?

Putting melodies and music to your words is one of the most incredible parts of songwriting. It allows you to feel what I was feeling in a totally different way. I started writing this song on the piano, and the chord progression and key felt true to the haunting, almost scary reality that you may never let go of this person. Everything fell into place.

Seeing as your single "What Have You Done To Me" is rather organic in instrumentation, how would you describe your overall sound to new listeners?

This sound is just overall very dark and moody. It comes from a helpless, vulnerable place, and you can definitely hear that in the music.

What goals do you have with your music going into the new year?

I am overall just hoping to reach new listeners. All my new music going forward is the most personal music I have ever written, and I’m excited to let people into my heart.


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