Christian Mariconda Opens His Heart In A Cathartic New Single

Coming in from Brampton, Canada, singer-songwriter, rapper, and versatile recording artist Christian Mariconda brings us through his emotional inner thoughts with a new single, "Nowadayze."

Christian Mariconda is an artist who uses his scarred past to merge it with a narrative of the present moment. He seeks the answers of his true nature using technical and poetic rapping abilities.

From childhood inspirations like Justin Timberlake, Usher, and Michael Jackson to more present influences like Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Andre 3000, and J. Cole, Christian Mariconda's artistry truly isn't something to miss.

Now releasing his dreamy and emotional single, "Nowadayze," listeners are able to introduce themselves to Christian Mariconda's versatile jazz, hip-hop, soul, and avant-garde sound. While rapping a reflective message that expands on his past, upbringing, and current journey, Christian Mariconda makes the experience all the more compelling through the song's soothing sonic landscape.

Diving into "Nowadayze," the track opens with a soft piano melody and Mariconda's soft cries into the microphone. As he gets himself together, he playfully reminds us that he's too busy to expand on those emotions, where he jumps into his heated and conceptual rap. As the jazzy and soulful hip-hop beat begins to float through our speakers, Christian Mariconda dives into bars that expand on his troubled past.

Mariconda's flow is truly like no other, as his clear and crisp articulation accompanied by talented and meaningful rhymes truly set him apart from other contemporary hip-hop acts. Not to mention the effectiveness of his dreamy and alluring sonic atmospheres, Christian Mariconda is genuinely an act to keep an eye on.

Do yourself a favor and delve into Christian Mariconda's latest single, "Nowadayze," available on all digital streaming platforms.

What a compelling and cathartic listening experience you've provided with your recent single, "Nowadayze." What inspired you to write this brutally honest and emotional track?

The entire foundation of being a human is to express transparency to yourself and everyone you encounter. With that being said, this translates into my foundation as a storyteller, a rapper, and a musician. No one has your experiences in life, no two people go through the same journey as human beings, but ultimately we relate when sharing our truth. Our truth is universal through suffering, pain, trauma, and joy, love, and passion that is within us. I didn't write Nowadayze; God channeled through me to create and share this song. The title is a double entendre that combines the word Nowadays and Daze, which means that nowadays I am in a daze. Sometimes I'm unable to think with pure clarity, but this stems from something deeper I reveal throughout this song and the whole micro album itself. I'm going to leave it at that.

Do you create your beats yourself? How did you make the production for "Nowadayze" to enhance your emotional lyrical theme?

I didn't create this record on my own; actually, I worked with a producer from Boston, Massachusetts, who goes by the name of 1st Official. He is incredible, and with this song being a part of my micro album, the energy and the overall sonic palette fit the theme of the overall story that runs throughout the project. Mostly, it fits to merge with the narrative I rap and sing about to make Nowadayze the song that it manifested into.

Did you face any personal challenges when writing your bars for "Nowadayze'? Do you always create such emotional and vulnerable bars?

Two great questions here. I would say my only personal challenge here with writing Nowadayze was simply two words: The ego. At moments I felt like I was exposing my family dynamics when creating this song. Yet I always stepped back and resided in my awareness of why I even make this music in the first place, which is to heal myself and to bring a better understanding of who I am to the inner self; the consequence of this would be if the listener were able to take away the same from my music and apply it to their own life. As for the second question, if I'm not willing to be vulnerable when the song or album or present moment needs me to be, I am doing a disservice to myself and my fans.

What main message did you want to get across with "Nowadayze"? What did you want your audience to take away from your bars?

I wanted to get across the story I was telling; the overall message in Nowadayze is to know that isolation can be liberating if we only allow it to be taken there. Walking alone, eating alone, working alone, a matter of fact, just being in your own space by yourself isn't a bad thing by any means. To be in your energy is to come to discover who you truly are as a human being, and that's what I'm simply expressing with this song. My fans, the audience itself, can take away whatever they want from this song and my music. It's not up to me to tell them how they should feel about what I'm rapping about, music is subjective, and for me, the music I create is left up for the listener's interpretation.

What's next for you?

Friday, October 29th, my new single "Never Fold" is finally releasing (laughs). I've been sitting on this song since 2019, so for my team and me to get to this place of releasing this record, it's a great feeling, and I couldn't be more excited to share this with my fans. This is one of my favorite songs I've ever released. This may be one you'll want to turn the volume up on at the party you'll be at after or on October 29th (laughs). In November, I'll be releasing a special music video for Never Fold as well, so stay tuned for that. All of you at BuzzMusic are innovating and inspiring the culture; the Los Angeles music scene is in good hands with BuzzMusic; thank you for being true to yourselves.