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Christie Huff Inspires us Through her Smooth Pop-Country Soundscapes

The Los Angeles based Pop-Country artist Christie Huff is sure to get you excited for what it’s like to enjoy summer outside by the water - whether it would be the beach, pool, or hot tub. Despite living in the big city, Christie Huff is full of roots from Nashville, and it shines through in her music. You know when you put on a song, and it has that authentic smooth country sound and ambiance? Well, Christie Huff provides that again and again, especially with her recent release, “Gold Summer.”

Christie Huff’s music has quickly become a fan favorite, keeping full of pleasant emotions and happy vibes that you will not be able to stop smiling too. Christie Huff will have you tapping your toes and grooving along to her music. Christie Huff is planning to release some of the new music she has been writing, and we cannot wait to hear it.



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