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Christina Martino Delivers An Optimistic Message Through Her Bluesy Pop Hit, “Candlelight”

Christina Martino released her delightful single, “Candlelight”. “Candlelight” is a song about being uplifted by a special individual when your mood isn’t feeling right. Ironically, the vibe of “Candlelight” compliments the theme of the single. You can listen to “Candlelight” when you’re feeling down in the dumps and this song can instantly take your mood into a complete 180. The genre of “Candlelight” shows off the hooky pop melodies while playing along with infectious and soulful grooves in the instrumentation.

Christina Martino had a raw bluesy vocal delivery to create this feel-good aesthetic of the single. “You’re my candlelight” the hook sings in a vibrant and exuberant melody, “Candlelight” is a song that we can dedicate to somebody who has that elevating impact on us. It’s a contagious single with the ability to have you singing along with Christina Martino. With hopes of spreading positivity through her music, Christina Martino’s songwriting is substantial and optimistic. Her vocal texture is sweet like candy with a dash of soul food. “Candlelight” is the first single off her debut EP and the way this song was able to leave a spellbinding effect on us will have us tuning in to the full project.

Listen to “Candlelight” by Christina Martino here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Christina Martino! Knowing you aim to spread positivity through your music, can you elaborate to us your songwriting approach and where you find most of your inspiration from? 

In terms of approach, I generally write with lyrics and melody at the same time and work with whatever instinctually comes out. In “Candlelight’s” case, I had the melody and lyrics to the opening line of the chorus, “lately been falling in slow motion, tapping off the rhythm,” but I didn’t know what those lyrics meant.  When I examined the words more deeply, I found they painted a picture of someone feeling like life is falling apart.  I take a lot of inspiration from my own personal experience and in particular, situations that I’ve been able to relate to with a friend or family member.  When I thought about my life and times where I’ve felt lost, I thought about how there has always been someone there to help me up again.  I thought this was a positive spin on a hard situation that a lot of people have to go through.  With that, I knew that I had my core theme and I got to work on conveying it in the best way!

You stated that “Candlelight” is about someone who lifts you up when life gets rough. How were you able to personally relate to this message? Is there anyone, in particular, you can dedicate this song to in your personal life? 

Oh yes.  The lyrics were based specifically on my special relationship with my mom, but when I sing through it now, I think of a lot of people that are and have been “my candlelight.”  Since my grandpa, Armand Martino, passed away in March, I’ve really been seeing him when I sing the song.  He was always such a beacon of light and laughter and I’m really lucky to have his love with me.  Actually, the symbol on the wall in my album art is from a necklace my grandpa made and gave to me before he passed away, so he’ll always be a part of this song.

“Candlelight” showcased elements of Blues, Pop, and even soulful R&B. your sound is quite texturized and diverse. How did you craft your well-rounded musicality? Were there any artists you listened to growing up that you feel impacted this?

I wouldn’t say there’s a clear cut answer for this, I just try to block out any filters in my head saying a song is not “on brand” or “too pop-y,” and just write whatever serves the feeling I’m trying to create.  My influences tend to come out whether I want them to or not, so it’s better to let the creativity happen.  I listened to a lot of different music growing up, but some artists that have resonated with me are Bonnie Raitt, Allen Stone and Katy Perry.  While they have very different vibes, they all have great relatable songs and killer voices.

Some artists may find challenges through the recording process, others through songwriting. Where did you feel like you were challenged with most when curating “Candlelight” and how did you work around the obstacle?

The hardest part of this particular song was deciding it was finished.  I posted a video of the progression of “Candlelight” on my Instagram just to show what a ride it has been.  I made my first voice memo of “Candlelight” in the summer of 2017!  Since then, there have been a least 5 different versions of the chorus and verses.  The way I worked through this tricky songwriting process was the belief that my core melody and idea were good enough to keep chipping away.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Music, music, music!  “Candlelight” is the first single for my upcoming EP, which is coming out in April.  Before then, I’ll be releasing another single in either late February or early March (details will be on my Instagram).  I’m also going to be moving to LA in August, so I’m excited to continue my journey as a performer and songwriter.  Stay tuned!


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