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Christina Nini Questions Confusion in a Punchy Pop Single, "Not Even Dating"

Fresh off her debut in February 2021, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter and alt-pop artist Christina Nini dives deep into her emotions with a stimulating single, "Now Even Dating."

After moving from New Jersey to Nashville, Christina Nini began to embark on her career as a solo pop artist. Constantly shaping and expanding her sound, Christina Nini has received various opportunities to grow her industry knowledge through collaborations with songwriters and producers.

Now releasing her punchy pop anthem, "Not Even Dating," Christina Nini lets listeners into a relatable lyrical theme that questions one's emotions when parting ways with someone that never established a relationship in the first place. Overtop of groovy and exciting pop sonics, Christina Nini truly has us tapping our feet to the song's dense and mid-tempo beat.

Gracing our speakers with the single, "Not Even Dating," the song opens with sharp pulsating synths, a plucky bass-like synth, and Christina Nini's breathy vocal stylings. As she begins swooning us with her broad vocal range, Christina Nini later delves into the song's theme while touching on her rollercoaster emotions when separating from someone who she wasn't even dating, to begin with.

This song effectively touches on the dynamic emotions one endures when facing a relationship's confusion, whether it's an established relationship or one that's in the works. As Christina Nini leads us toward the groovy outro, she's accompanied by a heavy 808 kick and bright piano melodies that pierce our speakers with boundless emotion, lust, and heat.

Find your solution to a confusing relationship with help from Christina Nini's latest single, "Not Even Dating," and keep an eye out for the up-and-coming singer-songwriter as she releases her three-track EP later this year.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Christina Nini. We highly appreciate the relatable theme and concept within your recent single, "Not Even Dating." What inspired you to create a single that expands on the confusion of a pre-relationship?

I wrote Not Even Dating when I was in something, I think people call a “situationship,” these days. HA. I could feel the relationship, friendship, whatever you want to call it coming to an end and I couldn’t help but feel upset over it. I had a moment where I said to myself “why do I care this much? It feels like I’m being broken up with” when I knew we were never really dating or “official” in the first place. I feel like a lot of people go through this stage where you’re a little more than friends but not an official couple and it causes a lot of confusion. It’s like you want to listen to your emotions and what you feel, but those things don’t necessarily line up with the “label.” That’s at least how I felt so I knew the only way to move past it was to write a song about it.

Seeing that your lyricism touches on rather emotional topics, why did you want the sonics for "Not Even Dating" to be so upbeat and anthemic?

I kind of touched on this in a previous interview with BuzzMusic on my last song, “What It Feels Like.” This new era of music was all about breaking out of my creative bubble and experimenting with tempo while also staying true to how I like to write. One of my favorite things when I’m discovering new music and new artists is when the lyrics don’t always coincide with the track. I love the juxtaposition of an emotional topic laid over a sick beat and that’s what I wanted to accomplish with “Not Even Dating.” I wanted the listener to gravitate to the topic but also be able to jam out. It kind of mirrors the whole concept of the song… it doesn’t make sense!

With three released singles under your belt, how can listeners get to know you better through your music? What themes and topics do you often touch on?

I’m always trying to find new ways to connect with my listeners and show them what I’m about. Whether that be through my music, social media, or face to face, I always want people to see my true authentic self. As for themes and topics that I like to write about, the list could go on forever. I think it’s really amazing to be able to sit down and write a song with the mindset that other people are going to hear this and find ways to say things that most people can relate to. However, as I write more and more, I think it’s even more amazing to be able to sit down and write for myself. I’ve found that when I begin to write solely for my own healing, that’s when people gravitate to the music. It’s easy for me to get in my head and think “what’s the best way to say this so that everyone gets it?” but I’m trying to break that habit. I love to write about relationships and love but it’s a huge goal of mine to try and write about life in general. It’s easy for me to write about another broken heart but extremely hard to write about just like, life. That’s something I really want to work on.

Could you give us any hints regarding your forthcoming three-track EP? Should we expect the project to be released this year?

As for the three-song project, it’s complete! All three songs are out in the world! I spent two years creating those three songs and I’m very proud of them. I’m so glad that I’m finally able to share them with everyone else. As for future releases, I’m currently working on writing a lot and will choose the songs that I feel resonate most with me. I feel like I’m constantly changing and evolving so I want to make sure that the next songs I put out match where I’m at. Definitely a lot more music in 2021!


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