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Christina Pasion Sings an Ode to Relationships That Change Like the "Seasons"

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, singer-songwriter and pop-punk/r&b artist Christina Pasion sings an emotional ode to a broken relationship with her latest single, "Seasons."

Christina Pasion's vast influences from pop, punk, and rhythmic r&b allow her to showcase visually and sonically abstract pieces of art enhanced by her outstanding storytelling abilities. Previously supported by UMG, Sony & Revealed Records, Christina Pasion is here to bring a fresh sound to the industry with her not-so-mainstream yet not-so-indie music.

Sending us into a reflective train of thought is Christina Pasion's latest single, "Seasons," which floats and dances over our speakers like the sun that sets on the horizon. Passion wears her heart on her sleeve to emphasize a changing, unpredictable, and tumultuous relationship that changes as often as the seasons.

Listening to "Seasons," the song gently opens with a soft piano melody and Christina Pasion's breathy and bright vocals. As she begins to describe how loving her isn't a walk in the park, she continues to tug on our heartstrings with her cathartic vocals and fluid melodies. As the powerful and captivating drums begin to pound through, we jump into an upbeat and sparkling hook that blurs the lines of r&b and modern electronics.

We adore the dynamic range of this single, as the in-depth instrumental and sonic transitions leave us locked in and engaged. Not to mention Christina Pasion's incredibly heartfelt and honest performance; she leaves us feeling refreshed with such an emotionally powerful and intimate tune like this.

Let your heart skip a beat with help from Christina Pasion's latest emotional single, "Seasons," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Christina Pasion. What an emotional and dynamic listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Seasons." What moment or encounter inspired you to create this cathartic single?

Christina Pasion: I think anybody who has experienced a breakup due to infidelity can relate to "Seasons". That empty feeling that sinks in when you discover the person who you once knew becomes someone unfamiliar to you and losing that connection you once had is unsettling but in some ways can also be a cathartic experience because it can be the trivial ending to the start of a new beginning in your life. Essentially this was the inspiration behind the track.

Why did you want to create such a dynamic and versatile sonic atmosphere for "Seasons?" Did you add this aspect to enhance a relationship's ever-changing ways?

CREATED BY ATOM: I wanted to create a sonic diversity atmosphere for "Seasons" but with some drive because of the nature of the meaning of the song. I inserted enough sound ingredients to best compliment the lyrics and melody of Christina's singing, I always let the vocal breathe the production into existence. It gave it this unique sound experience that speaks to the literature of the song.

What was your personal songwriting process like for "Seasons?" Is it easy for you to transmute your thoughts and emotions into cohesive lyrics?

Christina Pasion: I think every songwriting process for me is different each time. "Seasons" came very naturally and insouciant.

CREATED BY ATOM: Christina and I co-wrote "Seasons" to a simple guitar riff in under an hour. We wrote it in a tiny room but the song evolved to such a large diverse piece of art. Having trust and respect in alignment with the people you work with births these amazing compositions.

How does your music video for "Seasons" enhance the song's lyrical story? What should we expect from the music video?

Christina Pasion: I wanted to create this sort of retro, grunge aesthetic for the music video, to cater to that unsettling feeling that comes from toxicity within relationships. I aimed to create an atmosphere that is cool but warm to give the viewers the feeling of "seasonal" changes. It's quite simple in regards to the storytelling but really curates this void, moody vibe which is ultimately the abstract feel I intended.

How does "Seasons" contrast the rest of your discography? How does this song stand out from your previous releases?

Christina Pasion: Having taken a break from music for a few years, this debut track is quite polaric to other songs I have released in the past. Growing with my sound and development over this course has greatly impacted me and I am excited to be sharing what's to come in the follow-up to "Seasons!"

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