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Christopher Ambrose Drops His First Single Of 2024, “Mirage”

New York City-based singer-songwriter and music producer Christopher Ambrose returns to the speakers with his first single of the year titled "Mirage."

The versatile pop artist has produced music for various other artists around NYC, including Jen Urban "R0zeGld", Danielle Cardona, Jayse Vegas, Robert Garcia, and more.

Taking on the world as a thriving queer artist in the pop scene, Christopher Ambrose has also been lighting up NYC nightclubs and lending his vocals to fellow songwriters' live productions.

Back and better than ever, Ambrose's new single "Mirage" is his first release since late summer 2023, and it's a sleek, sexy, modern new tune with a message that many can relate to. If anything, it's a perfect example of a tenacious young artist ready to take the independent music space by storm.

Hitting play on "Mirage," the track opens with glimmering synths and a chill electronic feel, hitting the speakers with mid-tempo drums and Christopher Ambrose's velvety vocals. He described vivid and passionate scenes of distant memories when a relationship was smooth sailing until Ambrose realized the "Mirage" this person was putting up.

His crooning vocals and sweet falsetto on the pre-hook make this song irresistible, and the shimmering production is the cherry on top. It's a well-rounded pop track with a message from the heart, showcasing Christopher Ambrose's personal songwriting while rounding it out with polished production for a truly immersive listening experience. With his first track of the year, 2024 and onward are looking bright for the NYC-based artist.

Hear it yourself and see past the "Mirage" with Christopher Ambrose's new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Christopher! Congratulations on releasing your first single of 2024, "Mirage." What led you to take almost a year off from releasing music?

Thank you so much. I'm super excited for it. It's one of my favorite songs. To be quite honest, I've been going through many ups and downs, and I found that it was just really important to take a minute and find myself a little more. I did feel a little bit lost as an artist, but I feel like we find ourselves every day, especially when we continue to work on our passions. For me, that's getting to continue working with other artists.

What inspired the theme and concept of your new single, "Mirage?" What experiences led to creating it?

Mirage is basically a concept single. And like I said, I've been going through a lot personally, so writing this song represents all the emotions I've been experiencing with love and finding myself again. Mirage also talks about a love that was thought to be there but was all completely imagined. The video, directed by Jen Urban "R0zeGld" and filmed & edited by Shane Bundrant "0ldie", represents what it meant to feel going through real-life situations like waking up distraught to being disillusioned by fantasyland. In the end realization, I realized that performing in a bar was my actual reality and represented how happy I turned out to be regardless of the situations I've been through to get there.

Did you create the production for "Mirage" yourself? What was that creative process like, whether solo or collaborative?

Mirage was a self-produced record. I always look to my songwriter friends, like Jen and Jayse Vegas, for creative advice because I trust their judgment. Especially with this record, I just wanted it to be amazing. So, I would send them the mix process, and they'd return with their feedback. For that reason, this record will go down as one of my favorites.

What was your favorite part about creating "Mirage?" Which part of the process did you enjoy most?

I've been adamant about developing my sound and taking it to the next level every time. Especially when creating the video, it's literally my first music video to get published. I had my songwriter friend Robert Garcia on makeup for the video and Danielle Cardona, who styled me as well. Collaborating is just a beautiful thing. I think that my favorite part of all of this has been being able to work with my friends.

Over the past year, has there been a change in your music? Does "Mirage" mark a new chapter for yourself as an artist?

I do believe there is a change. I'm currently finishing my next album, and there seems to be a dance element throughout it. Mirage sounds nothing like the rest of the record; I'll just put it that way. Which I'm super excited about.


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