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Christopher Lovell Inspires Us With His New Single; “First Place”

Brooklyn born artist, Christopher Lovell, is here to inspire you. Offering a tasteful Hip Hop style with flares of R&B and soul, this artist is bound to leave a lasting impact on pop culture as a whole. His musical flow will draw you in, but his authenticity is what turns his listeners into fans. As an actor, writer, and musician, Christopher’s goal in the industry is to create a space in mainstream media for unheard voices. To add to this, Christopher’s writing abilities go farther than just crafting lyrics; he’s also written several plays, screenplays, and television scripts. His newest song, “First Place,” proves his talents and musicality will take him far. “First Place” starts with a moody intro that slowly escalates into a groovy backbeat. Christopher delivers his lyrics with a unique 90’s flow while allowing the meaning and intention to shine through his performance. Doubling his voice on only certain words adds to the strong sense of determination felt in this track. With the lyric, “I was who I was in the first place,” we felt the meaning behind this song was focused on origins and staying true to yourself. This hard-hitting track touches on a softness not often found in the Hip Hop scene. You won’t want to miss out on Christopher Lovell’s newest single, “First Place.” Listen to “First Place” here.

Hello Christopher, welcome to BuzzMusic! We loved listening to your track “First Place”. What can you tell us about the process behind the production of this song? Did you have any influences while creating it? Thank you so much! I’m really glad that you enjoyed listening to it. My dad, Shawn (Ice) Waters, ICE Creative Entertainment produced the track. I’m really fortunate to have been making music with my father for going on two years now. I moved to LA around the same time to pursue acting and writing for film and television and the music has given me an outlet to work through all the feelings that come along with setting out on your own journey. I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY so everything I know is on the opposite side of the country. This is one of the first songs that I wrote when I got here. I suppose I was inspired by artists like the late great Nipsey Hustle. The song although passionate has a laid back west coast vibe at the same time. I guess I wanted to blend my two worlds: the east coast and the west coast. The lyric “I was who I was in the first place” sets up the song perfectly. What is the true meaning behind these words and how were they inspired? A lot of the time on the path to greatness or in pursuit of our dreams, we feel like we should be becoming something. I’m learning to shed a lot of the blockages both conscious and unconscious and tap back into who I truly am; who is already enough and deserving of great things. Who is already capable. There’s so much mental clutter that can get in the way. So much caring about what people think and being desperate for acceptance or approval. I don’t want any more of that. From anyone. Family. Friends. Lovers. Strangers. It’s a reminder to myself to love every single part of me and know that I was born for this. I was writing songs and need to express myself at like seven years old. I performed at my first open mic when I was eleven. I was destined for this. You have a lot of experience writing not only songs, but plays, screenplays, and television scripts. What feeds your passion for writing? Freedom. A lot of my written work centers around being black and queer and the different ways that intersect with love, spirituality, and identity. I want to be able to see not just myself reflected on screen but the world as I’ve truly experienced it. Black queer folk have been so essential to this society and to pop culture as we know it, yet our stories are often relegated to the sidelines or told that they aren’t “commercial”. Whatever that means. I want to put us in front and center. My whole life I’ve been able to listen to and empathize with artists and films about hetero folk with no problem. Sam Cooke is my favorite singer. J. Cole is my favorite rapper. “Love & Basketball” is my favorite movie. I want our stories to be told freely and for people to see that they are universal too because at the core of it is love and the human experience. Which is nuanced! I’m clearly passionate about this lol. We know that you love to help unheard voices shine through to the forefront of mainstream media. Where does this desire come from? Do you feel this drives you to create music? Sometimes it comes from rage. Sometimes it comes from this really deeply tender place within me that doesn’t know how to simply put it into words. Soul music is my favorite kind of music so I think that’s where it comes from; my soul. There’s so much that I want to express. So much that I feel. So much that I want to learn and convey within my lifetime. I don’t like limitations or injustice or oppression. Maybe there’s a part of me that hasn’t particularly felt heard and it just needs to let it out musically. It definitely drives me to create music in that music gives me such a sense of agency. It’s a different language from just acting or writing. In a spiritual sense, finding and expressing your soul song is something deep. Music lasts forever and it hits people in a different place vibrationally. I’ve always wanted to be a part of that. What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020? I’m working on a new EP. Really excited about that. It’s going to be beautiful and really personal. It’ll be the first body of work that I’ve put out since my debut mixtape in 2017. I’ve grown a lot since then and so much of my life has changed. I’m a different artist. There’s a lot of healing taking place this year. A lot of deep inner work happening so I’m looking forward to sharing the gems I will come across. A lot of really potent manifesting.


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