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Christopher Watson Is Back To Talk About His New Album

Welcome back Christopher! We’re loving your EP “The Sweetest Thing”! What was the main concept behind this project?

“The Sweetest Thing” is sort of my spiritual coming out party. I play shows every week and I am always meeting and connecting with people. I kept pouring out my heart and in return God was leading me to grow spiritually. Through this came new songs and new inspiration to share my freedom. 

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I made this album because I needed to be true to me. I want people to know Jesus is the reason I sing. Following Him makes my life so much easier. I don’t have to worry about the noise the world makes and I can just be myself. I see music as an expression of ones soul. In my soul, I have so much music I want to get out and I’m only scratching the surface. 

It wasn’t long since we’ve last featured your music! How do you stay on track to create relevant content so consistently?

It’s a constant battle fighting for time to create but if you don’t do it, you’ll find yourself in a rut. I play music in a lot of different scenarios. It keeps me on my toes and keeps me wanting more. 

What are your thoughts on mainstream music today?

The music that’s out today is great you just gotta find it. Some of it is more ‘here for the moment’ but the singers that will last until the next generation are there. 

Can you dive into details about the lyricism in “Know Myself”? 

“Know Myself” was one of the easiest and most difficult songs I’ve ever written. I wanted it to sound like a conversation I’m having with the listener, but at the same time I wanted it to be a conversation with myself, reflecting on how I got to where I am today and why I do what I do. Moreover, the chorus “I just wanna know myself, in You,” reflects the theme of the album; life is a journey of faith. So who or what is your faith in? How do you want to know yourself?

“A druggie whispered I saved her life with my falsetto. If I’m honest, I’d love to hear me sing.”This moment was one of the realist I ever experienced. I was playing music at a farmers market and a drugged up woman was listening to me sing. Although she was a bit disruptive, I treated her as I would any other stranger who stopped to listen. When I went on break she told me she was on the way to cut herself when she heard me sing and stopped to listen. She said she was sorry because she didn’t have much money. She poured the change out of her purse, and ran off in tears before I could get her name. I wrote the next lyric noting how we never know what immediate and lasting impact we have on those around us. If in a moment, my voice helped that woman, what could your action change?


Listen to "The Sweetest Thing" here, and keep yourself connected with Christopher and his music through his Instagram!


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