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CHROMA SKIES Shakes Things Up With Their High Energy Track, “Devilonhershoulder”

Photo by: Igor Miljkovic

Founded in 2021, CHROMA SKIES have been eager to leave their mark on music with their signature blend of pop, alternative, and R&B. The group holds two releases on their discography thus far. Yet, their latest single, "devilonhershoulder," has been turning heads. CHROMA SKIES has already proved that their musicianship harnesses the potential of unlimited creativity and genre-defying power.

The trio has quickly built the foundation of their alternative-pop sound, which combines dreamy bedroom-pop and soulful R&B elements while effortlessly intertwining frontman Marc Signer's vocals with innovative guitar work and nostalgic melodies. In such a short period, CHROMA SKIES has managed to enrich the world of synthetic soundscapes with analog dynamics.

Dripping in a captivating essence, "devilonhershoulder," captures the trio's most pop-inspired fusion this far. Keeping an edgy appeal with the magnetic vocal performance and a musical foundation that strikes up intrigue, a vast number of components emit the brilliance behind this track. However, the passion heard through the recording of the inimitable croons pulls us deep into a piece of this caliber.

Each member of CHROMA SKIES executes a seamless unity that can't be recreated. Their chemistry allows each member to thrive in this respect as they each illuminate in the brightest way possible. From start to finish, "devilonhershoulder" takes us into an upbeat atmosphere that peels back as the layers of musicality are exposed. Cementing a colossal impact with the tight percussion patterns and zesty guitar licks, it's when combining this with an infectious rhythm provided by the bass that it's as if a portal has opened up and taken you to one of the most catchy melodies in the queue.

CHROMA SKIES has us eager to explore every bit of their personas as we anticipate the release of more music to come from the emerging rockers. Listen to "devilonhershoulder" on your favorite streaming platform today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, CHROMA SKIES, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "devilonhershoulder." We would love to know more about the three who make up CHROMA SKIES! What can you tell us about each member?

Marc: Hi BuzzMusic, thank you for having us! I do the lead vocals in the band and usually, work on all the content and visuals that make up our socials. We all come from a somewhat alternative music background but I think it's safe to say that I definitely have the most pop and rap influences when it comes to shaping our sound! I love that though since it definitely always brings a unique sound to our music when we bring our heads together.

Dave: Hello guys! I mainly focus on rhythm guitar and some vocal parts as well. My style of writing and playing is strongly influenced by '90s, early 00s, and lots of J-Rock music, which hopefully people will be able to hear in some parts of our songs. My other main job in the band is also always getting on Marc‘s nerves since he seems to be able to bring his best performances that way.

Jeremy: Hi! My strong points in regard to songwriting are chord patterns, melodies & guitar licks. I have more of a technical approach when it comes to writing music, which is useful when coming up with some of the more intricate arrangements.

With you three being fairly fresh to the music industry as CHROMA SKIES, how does this track seem to be received by your audience compared to your debut single release?

Marc: From my experience honestly it's received a lot better than our debut single. This is obviously super rewarding since we definitely wanted to work towards solidifying our sound a bit more with this single. I feel like you can definitely hear that we've found a sound that we feel comfortable in and it seems that resonates with the audience as well!

Dave: We definitely got the impression that people seemed to somewhat hear that this song‘s development took place in a much more organic and natural way. The song seems to resonate with a lot of different individuals, which is more than any musician could ever ask for.

Jeremy: I perceived our new single to be receiving more appraisal than our previous one. I’m very happy with the feedback people gave us, even though there is obviously still room for improvement. Like Dave already said, the song came together much more organically in comparison to ‚all out‘ and so when we finished ‚devilonhershoulder‘ it ultimately made me feel more accomplished.

What inspired the passionately professed lyrics that makeup "devilonhershoulder?"

Marc: Well, talks and discussions about mental health and the complications that come with it are pretty frequent in my friend circle, which I think is a very important thing nowadays. The lyrics definitely are inspired by these talks and experiences from various points of view and then wrapped into a loose narrative with some exaggerations to complement the song.

Could you please take us into the creative approach when bringing "devilonhershoulder" to life?

Marc: Funnily enough we had the basis of the song pretty quickly and the song really almost wrote itself. We wanted to go a little easier on the arrangement in comparison to our debut single and instead focus on more intricate guitar work, which I think really shines in the song!

Dave: It usually starts with a very simple archaic idea. That could be in the form of a guitar part, a beat, vocal line, or chord progression and then we just pile the idea onto an idea. It was pretty much the same with "devilonhershoulder“. It started from a simple chord progression and with time became this amalgamation of different hooks and layers.

Jeremy: So, here’s how it went down summarized: Marc came up with a beat, chord progression, the first verse, and chorus. He then sent me the first version of the song, I laid down some guitar tracks and we basically developed it further from there with Dave adding additional guitar layers as well as his vocal part in the second verse. The last thing we came up with was the guitar solo.

What's next for you?

Marc: We definitely want to ramp up our output in regards to the frequency of releases and continue to work on our sound, and find new facets that we can bring into our music. We also have a new song close to done with a featuring that will definitely also bring an interesting twist to our sound!

Dave: Probably lots of songwriting. We do want to keep that creative drive going and further solidify the signature sound of CHROMA SKIES.

Jeremy: Create more music & inspire ourselves.


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