Chrome Friends and Very Yes Deliver the Festival Highlight Remix of the Summer

Chrome Friends is an LA-based EDM artist who creates music that showcases the intense but chill side of dance music.

Since founding the record label Chrome Friends Music, Chrome Friends has released 5 chart-topping projects that fans around the world can’t get enough of.

Recently, alongside Very Yes, Chrome Friends has released an official remix of the song "How To Fly" for the Australian band Sticky Fingers and we cannot get enough of the good vibes with this one.

“How To Fly” at its core is a chill, reggae, EDM infused tune that instantly hypes us up to start dancing around the room. It’s one of those releases where you’ll want to grab all of your best friends and throw together the best party of your life.

There are many different little flairs of ear candy all over this remix, from quickly-paced percussion to vocal chops and edits, this release is sure to get your body moving. A key highlight of this release is the high-intensity drop and then switching to a chill reggae breakdown.

“How To Fly” is full of little elements that come in and out that will have you on your toes the whole song.

Listen to “How To Fly” here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Chrome Friends! Your latest remix “How To Fly" alongside Very Yes is incredibly exciting to listen to, how did you get in contact with Sticky Fingers to put together this remix? They were staying at my house In Hollywood and said they wanted me to remix the song. The remix itself is full of inspiration, what was it like to work with Very Yes on this one? How did your styles come together? Aaron is an amazing producer and engineer. This is the 3rd or 4th time we’ve collaborated. It was fun and easy. Also a funny thing- one night while we were working on the song, a drunk porn chick came into the studio and started fingering herself next to Aaron. I freaked out bc I thought he’d be offended but he wasn’t.  With this release having so many different styles in it, do you have any idols from each musical genre here that was used as a source of inspiration?  Not really just may be the main man upstairs JC. Congratulations on the 6th project release from Chrome Friends Music! How do you feel you have grown since the first release? We are steadily growing. People are starting to notice. What's next from Chrome Friends? New full-length record from an unknown crew in Oxnard.