Chrys Thompson Drops Another Banger Of 2019 Titled “Aerials”

Chrys Thompson is a Los Angeles-based recording artist and producer who grew up in Palm Springs, California. First entering the music scene as a freestyle rapper during his high school days, Chrys started producing, writing and recording songs in college and formed a hip-hop duo, Natural Disasters. Chrys has always shared a passion for music and decided to move to LA in 2011 to get closer to the action. In 2018, Chrys linked up with two business partners, who also produce and write songs, to co-found a recording studio and music production company, Hush Money Music. In 2019, Chrys released his first two singles, "We On", and "Aerials" and is showing no signs of slowing down. He is known for delivering inspirational lyrics filled with energy and enthusiasm. Chrys loves to tell his story authentically and sees music as a means to motivate, inspire and connect people around him as he has a strong desire to be both heard and felt by the music community.

We checked out Chrys Thompson’s latest track “Aerials” and we’re blown away by the authentic soundscape. Conceptually and musically, this release is one that paves its own way. While there’s a certain simplicity to the soundscape, a descending bass-line, and chord progression and a distorted depth overall, “Aerials” in full evolves into a slightly more complex and hard-hitting state. The music intensifies, the beat grows thicker and louder it seems, and meanwhile various new synths and details rain down on the outer edges. Simplicity and complexity unite well here, ultimately resulting in a sense of creative freedom. Blending simplicity and complexity, Chrys Thompson is the one to watch! 

Check out “Aerials” here and read more with Chrys Thompson in our interview below! 

Welcome to BuzzMusic! "Aerials" has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this record?

My vision for this record was to create imagery of zooming out of your everyday perspective and gaining another perspective from an elevated viewpoint, especially when things aren't going as planned or during low points in life. So the words "Get the Aerial" refer to getting the aerial view. The song also demonstrates my growth as an artist as I experimented with singing for most of the song and added a rap verse to pick up the energy and help connect the idea of a fresh start "all new vibes" by encouraging listeners to keep a positive mindset.