Chuck Mullen Creates Sounds of Yesteryear on New Release "Narcissist"

Its time for a bit of science here at BuzzMusic. What do you get when you combine Billie Joe Armstrong, Simon & Garfunkel, and Elvis Presley? The answer is Rockabilly artist Chuck Mullen. Chuck constructs his music around themes of personal struggle, political and religious doctrine, and events happening around our global society. His inclusive music encourages his listeners to embrace themselves for who they are while promoting individuality and self-worth.

We are lead into Chuck Mullen's latest release "Narcissist" with a forward-moving acoustic guitar and Chuck's eclectic voice. "Narcissist," tells the story of a toxic relationship and the abuse suffered by another's self-absorbed personality. The soundscape is comprised of simple instrumentation and orchestral tones that resonate within the atmosphere of the song. Chuck's voice is the driving melody throughout the song and is lovingly complemented by Rainer Rose's harmonizing vocals. There is an air of nostalgia on "Narcissist," and even with its heavy subject matter, Chuck has created a peaceful sound profile that entrances the listener. The lyrics could easily be set to an angry amplified rock song, but Chuck Mullen's relaxing take to the accompanying instrumentation heightens the songs messaging appreciably more and takes a higher ground than that of the "Narcissist" Chuck is singing about. We loved Chuck Mullen's latest hit "Narcissist," and we think you will too.

Listen today to "Narcissist" here.