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Chughey Gets Vulnerable With New Single “Off Of You”

Chughey, is a hip-hop musician who knows how to put the passion and hard work in everything he creates. Originally from Rock, MI, currently residing in Gladstone, MI, Chughey, got into making music in 2012 after an accident snowskating. He always found a creative outlet throughout life, beginning with drawing, to skateboarding, to making music, Chughey always had the desires to express himself and his creative side after being injured and unable to skate.  Chughey began remixing off tracks and finding beats off of the internet, drawing his inspirations from Eminem, nomads, and atmosphere just to name a few. Chughey, went on to release four mixtapes, and two EPs: Doodles (Jun 2012), Still In The Sticks (Sep 2013), Sloth Life (Jun 2014), Progress (Jan 2016), Pivotal, produced and engineered by, SkwirllMaster (Aug 2017) and My Two Cents Is Free, produced and engineered by, Chughey, himself. With consistent hard work, persistence, and progression, Chughey has fully formulated his artistry and he’s ready to take things to the next phenomenal step in his life.

Chughey released his single titled “Off of You” and it was a pleasant surprise. Not only did the song had an infectious hook thanks to the melodic tune, the record had a strong lyrical presence that felt like it was more personal to the artist Chughey himself. Chughey seemed to have broke down his barriers and released a more vulnerable energy into the song that felt more raw and authentic. Everything about “Off of You” was abundantly naturally delivered. Chughey has an appealing rap style and voice that complements his strong lyricism. There’s nothing I love more than a rapper with substance, and still manages to fabricate a hit. “I’ve been smoking trying to get my mind off of you” is the highlighting lyric for me. Personally, I believe significant amount of people turns into negative substances to help cope with the struggles and heartache they feel in life, so for Chughey to incorporate the realism effect in his song is an indicator to me that he knows how to connect with a listener. “Off of You” is a song that the listener can intertwine themselves with and feel as one with the music because it’s highly relatable and doesn’t shy you away from releasing any repressed emotions.

Stream "Off Of You" here, and scroll below for Chughey's exclusive interview!

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your music career so far that you think help shaped you into the artist you are today?

Probably developing a fanbase, but I'm slowly but surely starting to build one. It definitely made me do it for myself before I did it for anyone else. Live shows were also a challenge when I first started, I definitely have forgotten my lyrics on stage before, it was quite the awkward experience, and I promised myself that it would never happen again, which it hasn't since.

“Off Of You” seems to have a strong lyrical approach to it, what was the theme of the record?

It was my way of getting over a breakup/ heartbreak. It was the first time I've really experienced heartbreak. Honestly, I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with the chick it's about, so breaking up really fucked with me mentally. Since music is my therapy, it was only natural that I'd make a song to get through it.

Were you able to personally relate to “Off Of You” ? If so, in what way?

Big time, everything I make comes from how I'm feeling. This song just happens to be more personal, and more relatable than a majority of tracks I make. Every line in this track comes straight from the heart.

Did you face any challenges while creating the single?

Tell us about your writing process. I mean, I'd be lying if I said it was an easy track to make. It's easy to make a song full of bars and just go in, but pouring out your heart and exposing yourself to the world is a whole nother challenge. Not to say, that I wasn't able to write the track fairly fast, cuz I was. It just happened to be about how I was feeling at the time, so the lyrics really just poured out, but it definitely brought up a bunch of feelings and still does when I hear it.

What’s next for you through 2019?

A bunch, I have an album dropping in June, which this single is off of, that will be accompanied by three music videos. I'm also dropping a remix every month. After the last music video drops from the album in July, I'll be dropping singles for the rest of the year. I'll also be doing shows come this summer. Honestly, I'm quite excited for the rest of the year.


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