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Chyle MC Releases New Song “Fool”

Chyle MC (pronounced Child Emcee) is a hip hop/soul/R&B artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly, a member of the critically acclaimed hip hop group Breakroom, his solo work blends a unique, soulful, crooning flow to neo soul and jazz influenced hip hop beats. His latest song “Fool” is the first single off of his new album, appropriately titled “The Space Man”.

His vocals are reminiscent of singers like Curtis Mayfield, R. Kelly and Marvin Gaye, while the backing beat hints at influences from A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla and modern pop and house music. His quirky persona shines through in this track when he talks about his crown and fighting with devil since his youth. His rhyming schemes will make you feel like you're listening to an R&B fantasy children's book. The hook of the song, “Why do I keep making a fool?”, will be stuck in your ear for days and days on end on repeat. The music sounds like the kind of old school bootleg music you'd listen to on analog cassette tapes and share with your friends. If this is a sign for things to come, then Chyle MC is embracing his inner spaceman and transforming into the artist he was always meant to be.

Listen to "Fool" here and get to know more about Chyle MC below

Hello, welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us a bit about yourself and how you go into making music!

My name is Chyle MC...I'm currently in Las Vegas...however I started my music career professionally in Atlanta, Ga in 2006 when I teamed up with Mother Superia (Google her) aka Savannah Jones and formed an inspirational hip-hop group called BREAKROOM.  We released 2 full length albums and were courted by several labels. Unfortunately we disbanded the group in 2010. After the group disbanded I started my own label called Cosmic Aliens Entertainment. I released my 1st professional solo album entitled "Cosmic Karma" in 2011 and recieved rave reviews from critics all over the world. After the success of that project I took a 5 year break from making music do to some personal matters. After the hiatus I got back in the studio and released my 2nd full length professional album called "The Return of Jamah" 2017. I wanted to push myself out of just the boom bap hip-hop backpacker sound and branch out into a more alternative pop feel. The album was definitely a change of pace from the previous music I had made. I then moved out of Atlanta to Las Vegas to focus on my mental and financial well as get closer to the Los Angeles music scene. After a couple of visits to Los Angeles and a chance meeting with legendary Rick Rubin. I decided to record one more project. I named this project "The Spaceman" based on my need to have space to create and the cosmic soul that the album delivers.This time I recorded the entire project in Los Angeles at Mixx Recording Studio. The vibe was lit and I was able to really creatively expand my music and get a fresh sound and start. 

What was in the inspiration behind your new song 'Fool"?

Fool is the 1st single from the album "The Spaceman". The lyrics were inspired by a relationship that I was previously in. I found out that my partner was unfaithful...and despite all the warning signs I continued to be apart of the toxicity of the relationship. I wanted to really hurt the guy that she was cheating on me with and almost put myself behind bars. However the foolish part was that I had no right to be mad at the guy because my anger was definitely displaced. I tend to make a fool of myself when it comes to love. 

How did you come up with your stage name and persona?

The name CHYLE stands for (Christ Has Your Life Everyday). Yes I do have a little spirituality sometimes. MC is my unoffical last name that stands for (Music Commander). My a mix of Parliment Funkadelic...Outkast...Jamiroquai...and Erykah Badu. I want to be both soulful with a good mix of hip hop. 

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I really want people to listen to my music and feel good and inspired. I know it is corny but I want my music to appeal to all ages, races and genres across the board. I want people to appreciate the art in my songs and visuals. I want people to sing my songs and realize how deep my simple lyrics really are.

What's next for you through 2019?

I really want millions of people to finally find me and discover my art this year. I also want to get back to performing live again. I feel like the musical Satchel Page sometimes. Like I know I got the juice who wants a drink. I want to eat off my music full time. Booking agents email us:


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