Ciggpapi Brings the Energy With New Release "Papi"

If you don't know Boston artist Ciggpapi, then you're in for a rejuvenating experience! He predominantly focuses his artistic outflow within the Hip/Hop and Rap music community but adds in details that heighten the basic Hip/Hop or Rap sound we're accustomed to. Of course, there's a huge element of speed to Ciggpapi's execution, as it's this rapid and quick vocal delivery that attributes to that natural feeling of being energized listening to his tracks! This especially goes for one of his releases, titled "Papi". The track has that methodical beat that emulates the entirety of the track. Think of catchy and familiar mixes present throughout most successful rap tracks, then tied into the unique sounding Ciggpapi gives with his vocal exclamation.

Ciggpapi has been contributing to the music scene for over 10-years. He's been passionate about the delivery and composure he provides, and we can feel this sincere passion within his 2019 release "Different Plans". Still encapsulating that embossing Hip/Hop production, "Different Plans" was the track that proved Ciggpapi's sound was effortlessly steady with its quickened tempo. We easily see through the soundings Ciggpapi debuted this year that he's inclined to stick to the same common sounding that's exclusive to his artistry. As with any artist, Ciggpapi's process is dynamic and takes time for him to fully incorporate every component that characterizes his sound. We're intrigued to see where this process advances in the New Year!

Listen to Ciggpapi here.

Welcome, Ciggpapi! Can we start off by asking how you thought your recent release of "Papi" ended up executing in the end?

I’m grateful for my release because this is my first release of 2019 where I took the time to invest in my music. The most important part, finishing up “Papi”.

When we gave a listen to "Papi", we immediately felt that impressionable energy to the track. How do you ensure that the pivotal energy your tracks rely on is easily manufactured during the recording process?

Thank you! It’s the beat that creates energy. I could hear the beat and by listening, it allows me to determine the type of song I want to create.

As an artist who is confident knowing the sound he wants to create, can you describe the sound you feel you're currently adhering to?

I’m mixing two sounds. Rap with melodies. Before I would just rap and worry about having bars. Now I mix my rap with melodies. A little auto time never hurt. 

Would you consider yourself to be an artist who would incorporate contrasting genres into their sound? As a predominant Hip/Hop and Rap artist, do you see yourself ever incorporating elements from the rock or alternative music scene, for example?

Yes. I have an ear for all music. A couple of rock bands I liked as a kid, such as Green Day and Lincoln Park. I enjoy R&B and some jazz to soothe the soul.

When we gave a listen to "Different Plans" we felt just as electrified as we did in "Papi". Would you say that a true trait of your sound is that invigorating energy present?

Its the beat, it allows me to give off that energy. I’m dealing with two producers now where I just want to make music where my fans are relating to my lyrics and moving to the beat. I’m focusing on catchy hooks for sing-alongs and creating songs less than 3 minutes. I want to keep the listener wanting more; and not getting lost in the song, because of length.