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Ciggpapi Is The Next Big Thing To Come Out Of Boston

From Boston Massachusetts, Ciggpapi began making music in 2017 and he credits his brother in serving a big influence on him and his music. Being around his brother for so long gave Ciggpapi the natural tools needed to become a success. Music for him is a getaway to tell stories about what he went through and what his family or friends deal with. Ciggpapi doesn’t compare himself to anyone but his personal favorites are Fabulous, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne.

Ciggpapi released his single titled “Flawless” and we can assure you that Ciggpapi is the next big thing to come out of Boston! Ironically matching the title of the song, “Flawless” was executed.. well flawlessly. He adds a nice detailed autotuned effect to his vocals while delivering a clean-slated flow and projecting the emotion of his lyrics in a cool, suave manner. With a melody that seeps into your brain and a progressive beat, reflective of the current style of today’s generation, Ciggpapi’s “Flawless” can match up with the charting radio hits we hear 24/7! "Flawless" is a whole vibe itself but my favorite part was the short sampled “Flawless Victory” at the end that paid homage to the video game, Mortal Kombat. It was a catchy way to highlight the song title and give off a friendly, confident vibe to his well executed hit!

Listen to "Flawless" here! Get to know Ciggpapi down below in our exclusive interview!

Hi there! Mind introducing yourself to our readers and telling us a little bit about your music?

I go by Ciggpapi, from Boston ,Ma, and I’ve been doing music since 2017. I like to grab the listeners ear by making music that resolves around real life situations. From problems in your life, family dealing with issues, I over coming those problems. Most the music I make is relatable.

Tell us about your single “Flawless” and the meaning behind it?

I made flawless off the strength of always dealing with women problems. The bar , “wildin out, Imma get caught up”, is me basically stating I have a girlfriend and these women still don’t care. It’s up to me to be loyal or feel I’m flawless and not get caught up. 

What inspired you to write “Flawless”?

It wasn’t an inspiration that allowed me to write the song. It was me feeling like I need to express myself.

What’s your personal favorite moment or part about your single “Flawless”?

One of my favorite parts of the song is when I say , “play the role, Scottie Pippen”. A huge meaning behind that bar. Everyone can’t be the Micheal Jordan of the team to succeed. You need people to play their role in order for everyone to win.

What’s next for you?

I’m dropping a mixtape called “Splash Brothers” with the whole tape produced by KairoBeats, where me and my brother are collaborating on the tape. It will drop at the start of the summer 2019.


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