Cindë Takes Listeners On a Love-Sick Excursion Through Her Latest R&B Single, "A Year Ago Today"

The heart-wrenching, nostalgia dripping, R&B festooned foundations found within Toronto-born Singer-Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist, Cindë's music shouldn't come as a surprise by now.

Her 2018 robust debut, "Hittin' It," locked in a distribution deal with SONY Music Canada, peaking charts and captivating hearts with her beefy hit from coast to coast.

Her next musical endeavors would be just as monumental. In 2019 she'd be called upon by the Morello Twins for a feature on their pop-hit, "Bipolar Hearts," seeing airplay on international radio, and raking up over three-hundred-thousand streams on Spotify alone.

Her latest single, "A Year Ago Today," feels just as colossal as her predecessor passion songs, but this one in particular, with all its heartbreak focused, reminiscence-driven lyrics, feels exceptionally outstanding. 

In "A Year Ago Today," the Torontonian songstress spreads her cherubic wings over a plethora of vibey aural hallmarks with a waltz-like cadence, garnished by a succulent electric guitar, a deep-pocket groove, and a vocal performance that should be spoken about from ages to come.

It's a stratagem she's sharpened for years, gathering from the touchstones of her Hip-hop and R&B influences, and amalgamated together with meticulous care. In this single, it renders up like a kaleidoscopic display of emotional defoliation, with a bent for catharsis.