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CISK0 Releases "Ramblin"

From Del Rey, California, CISK0 is a hot new artist with exceptional talent. He is bursting with passion and drive, ensuring that the music he creates is continuously and consistently above par. At the young age of 16, CISK0 decided that he would let nothing get in the middle of him and his dreams. Ever since, he has been fully committed to his career in music and he has been thriving incredibly since he started in the game. CISK0’s key to success is patience. He takes his time to come up with great concepts and always sees them through to make sure everything he does is perfect. He does everything in his power to ensure that there is always something new for fans to enjoy!

“Ramblin’” is CISK0’s newest release and it’s the perfect summer track to jam out with friends. It has relaxed vibes and a cheerful melody that makes the listener feel at ease. “Ramblin” has a hint of a Jeremih vibe with the way he smoothly delivers on the track. What I really appreciate about this track is that CISK0 integrates real and purposeful lyrics that flow with the beat of the song.

“To be real, I was scared to be a dad cuz’ now I got to be something that I ain’t ever had”.

This verse really hits home because he created a personal connection that allows the listener to feel his emotions in the moment of the verse. CISK0 really connects with his with his audience throughout all of his music, which makes him a great artist to add to your playlist! Check CISK0 out on Spotify today!

Listen to "Ramblin" here and get to know more about CISKO below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! What made you realize that music was your passion?

I realized music was my passion when i noticed i couldnt go a day without it . Whether it was just listening to it or creating it.  its like air or water , i just need  it . 

What makes “Ramblin” different from your other songs?

Ramblin' is special.  Its different than my other records because i had to dig deeper . I didnt write ramblin because i needed a slapper to put out . I wrote it out of pure nessesity , it was a theorpy session between me and my self

Is there a hidden meaning behind “Ramblin”?

Its a pretty straight forward song . But when you listen to it in different perspectives you will always resignate with it . I dont wanna give too much away , but listen to it and you tell me what you think haha 

What are three things that you want your fans to know about you?

1. I appreciate every single one of you . If it wasnt for your support who knows where id be . I Thank you all deeply 

2. I got some fire on the way 

3. Im dope as fuck live so come out to a show near you !

Who would be your dream collab?

My dream collab would feat. The GAME and drake . My top 2 favorite artist at the moment . It would also be produced by dj quick and OVO 40 . You cant tell that wouldnt be a dope record 


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