City of Angels Rock Band Melted Vinyl Talk Their New EP 'Lights We Chase' in Exclusive Interview

Hey Melted Vinyl, welcome to BUZZMUSIC and thank you for being here! Listening to Lights We Chase was an absolute breath of fresh air in an industry of foggy imitations of music. There is a symbiosis between you all and your music that must have developed over time. How long have guys been playing together?

Thank you so much for having us! I am glad you liked our music. We started the band about 9 years ago.

Rock is a way of life, when it’s real you can hear it in the music and in a band, you feed off of each other's grooves and energy. It’s important to capture this warmth, I’m curious to know what the recording process was like?

We went out to Brooklyn to record with Grammy-nominated producer, Joel Hamilton, and it was a raw and creative experience. Overall we really focused on texture. To preserve the old school rock sound, we recorded all the drums analog, which added a warmth to the sound not heard often in today's age. We put down crazy amounts of guitar and bass tracks per song to add subtle nuances and make the sound fuller. Working with Joel was an amazing experience because he pushed us to go further with our writing, restructuring a lot of our songs. Also, there is something about being out of your element, in a rugged city like Brooklyn, and with your bandmates 24/7, that added a new dimension to the music and our performance on the record.

In a time of recycled computer-generated beats, Melted Vinyl is showcasing what music used to be. Raw, Powerful and always unique. Who were some of your influences when you started writing the EP? Most of us grew up listening to classic rock, so Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Allman Brother’s Band shaped allot of our sound. You can definitely hear this on our riffier songs like “Dionysus”, “Queen of My Soul”, and “Can’t Love A Man”. As far as more modern bands go, Kings of Leon and the Foo Fighters were a huge influence, especially on “Beyond”.

You’ve played some of the greatest rock clubs in arguably the world. How does it feel to step on stage at those legendary venues?

I think we all feel pretty lucky. Most bands don’t have the opportunities that we have had. It’s a pretty humbling moment to step on stage at the Whiskey A Go Go, where so many of the greats have played, or open up for artists like Jefferson Starship and Vince Neil. I also think we learn something new every time: we all have a growth mindset and want to keep on getting better no matter where we play.

What can we expect to see from Melted Vinyl throughout the rest of 2020?

So far, we are expected to open up for Blue Öyster Cult, Jefferson Starship, and Blood Sweat And Tears. We are also in the works of putting together a west coast tour over the summer, so we’ll let y’all know on social media when the dates are released.

Listen to the new EP 'Lights We Chase' by Melted Vinyl, here.