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Cj Pitts Showed Us the True Meaning of Versatility Within Hip-Hop This Year

CJ Pitts is a multifaceted artist all the way from the East Coast but currently working in L.A. He found his passion in 2010 and has engulfed himself into the roots of music with a very wide pool of influences. The young artist has a knack for not just singing only, but the songwriting aspect and most recently the art of HipHop. CJ’s debut EP, “Lost Identity” was his first project released back in 2016 and he’s been using that momentum to expand his growth as an artist. CJ Pitts released various of amazing records that really highlights his skilled artistry. Some of these songs include “Bestfriend”, “Team Player”, “Royalty”, and now his newest song titled “Come With Me” has put CJ on the brink of taking the industry over by storm.

CJ Pitts is a highly talented artist whose music is resonating well with different music lovers and it’s showing in his accomplishments. His work ethic is proving him to be a memorable icon that will send a trailblazing path of record-breaking hits in his future legacy. CJ Pitts has a strong passion for music and has been working nonstop with pure excitement to share the world with his newest projects expected to release in early 2020.

Listen to CJ Pitts music here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic CJ Pitts! How has living in the Los Angeles scene been for you? Have you ever felt inspired by your environment?

Hello! Living in LA has been a blessing truly. There is so much opportunity and the city is so rich and full of art and music. I love the people, the culture, and the community. I’ve felt inspired in other places that I’ve lived but with LA it’s different. Not only does the city itself inspire, the people as well because of how hard people work and go after their dreams. 

Talk to us about your debut EP, “Lost Identity”. What was the main focus and theme of this project?

Lost Identity was the first project I put out as an artist. It was a special project for me because it was a reflection of all the musical styles I enjoy and the start of me finding my own sound. The EP was basically about me not really knowing who I was based on how I grew up and how the music that flowed from my heart didn’t reflect that. Lost Identity was me taking a stand for the music that moves my soul. 

Which songs from “Lost Identity” do you feel best represented the EP’s theme the best?

I feel like every song represents the meaning of Lost Identity in a different way. It shows my love for songwriting, Hip hop, and R&B styles. The first track “Switch It Off” basically sets the tone of me saying nothing will stand in my way of chasing my dreams and making the music that stems from my soul. 

Did you stumble upon any challenges during the creation process of “Lost Identity”?

I didn’t really have much stumbling when it came to this first project. My biggest obstacle I would say would have been just deciding whether I should release it or not. I knew once the project was out there, people would see what path my music was going and would either accept or not support me. That was a scary feeling but I took that step of faith and it worked out in my favor.

Let’s talk about your latest release “Come With Me”. What were some of the arrangements you were seeking in this song?

My latest single “Come With Me” is a fun dance record. I was given the beat from my producer and it gave me the vibe similar to a Chris Brown record so I followed that intuition and shaped the sounds that way. I wanted it to be fun, relatable, and memorable, so that’s how I came up with the ideas to create this record. 

What’s next for you CJ Pitts?

Next for me, I would say is always new music. I’ve been working on a ton of new singles for the new year as well as a new full project. I love creating so I just want to flood my fans with new music that reflects where I’m at in life. So tons of new content, as well as performances in this great city of dreams, is what the future holds! I’m super excited for 2020!


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