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cjvd, the Swooning, Velvety Voiced Canadian Songwriter Releases New Single "HONEST"

Originating from the lakefront city of Toronto, cjvd is the most innovative addition to the emerging talents coming out of the blossoming Eastern-Canadian metropolis to date. His Trap-Soul career effectively took its first flight in early September of last year with the release of the Hip-hop and Soul amalgamating single, "Never Satisfied," and since then, the budding artistic flame behind the 'cjvd' moniker has been providing steady musical excellence ever since its metaphorical conception.

This year, with eager enthusiasm and a rallying focus, the aspiring songwriter is on the course for the same impact his last cut influenced his ensuing single, "HONEST." Here, over a tropical vibe provoking samples and cjvd's enamoring reverberated croons, we impart on a Trap-centric banger that produces sensual warmth through a pulsating soca rhythm and the top line vocals upholstered over the edges of this bouncy track.

The Torontonian's voice is saturated in tasteful vocal-effecting influences and automation as his all-embracing swoons tip-toe between the lines of intensity and passion. Still, without feeling complacent in the aesthetic that others have achieved through the same nonchalant savory vocal swoon effect. And yet, it's a picturesque reimagining of what a modern Summer hit should sound like, vibing with dripping sensation produced on every corner, from the memorable topline melody to the expansive airiness found in the atmosphere of this Trap-Soul Pop jangle.

Hello cjvd, it's great to have you with us at BuzzMusic. If you were to describe your journey so far as an up and coming artist, which words would you use to describe it and why?

If I were to describe my journey so far as an up and coming artist, the words I would describe it would be: a roller coaster ride. As someone who hasn’t particularly been an artist for long, I’ve learned to understand to appreciate my wins, but as well not be too hard with my losses. Patience is key to building what I envision in my future, and to take each opportunity to learn and become better at my craft.

What is the most challenging part of your writing "HONEST," and what do you think helped you overcome those hindrances?

The most challenging part of writing “Honest” was completing it. For most songs I’ve done, the easiest part was envisioning an idea at the moment then humming melodies to help listen to what works. However, days after the initial idea creation, it is difficult to help stay focused on Honest and usually I would start songwriting other songs before finishing this one. I stuck this one out by just letting the music come naturally rather than forcing lyrics or melodies down instead.

Where do you think your musical influences embody most, in your beat productions and orchestrations, the lyrics to write or the melodies you impose?

My musician influences vary from everything I’ve listened so far in my life from my parents listening to country and rock to growing up as a big Hip-Hop and R&B junkie. From Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller to Taeyang, Drake, I’ve curated and understood what I want to accomplish as an artist myself.

What else has been simmering in your creative oven this year? Can we expect a sneak peek of things to come?

The most I’ll let you guys know about my upcoming songs/projects so far is that I will be experimenting a lot with different sounds and genres! I want to expand myself and figure out how I can get better, while not trying to box myself in with one sound!

What's been keeping you inspired in 2020?

What has been keeping me inspired in 2020 is being grateful for every moment I have and just learning to live life. I understand 2020 has not been the best of years so far, however, I tend to use this as an opportunity to hurdle another obstacle and be grateful. At the end of the day, I know I’ve experienced hard struggles as well, but also prevailed against them!



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