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Claire Vandiver’s New Single "Easy to Love You" Is a Love Anthem We Can All Relate To

Claire Vandiver’s new single "Easy To Love You" is as easy as 1,2,3. Claire combines bluesy guitar chords and classic drum breaks with her modern pop sensibilities. Claire has succeeded in creating a simultaneously easy and interesting song. Born in Nashville, a city so musically rich it has been dubbed Music City, Claire has music flowing through her veins. Currently residing in Florida, this artist uses the city's beautiful beaches, warm temperatures and easy-going nature as inspiration for her music.

Her new single, "Easy To Love You", talks about love being so exhilarating that it makes listeners feel brand new. Could it be her move to Florida that has filled her with this born again love? Or, maybe the love of another person? Either way, there are many ways to relate to the story being told in this song. "Easy To Love You" is produced by Zk Productions, a label of multi-platinum music producers, who work their magic to turn a good song great. Combining guitar chords, ambient sounds, and vocal echoes, this song delivers a dreamy sensibility, all while keeping its Blues and Pop credentials. Claire is currently back in Nashville, working on an EP due for release later this year. "Easy To Love You" provides a small taste of what is to come in Claire Vandiver’s promising future.

Listen to "Easy To Love You" here.



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